Oluloro Withdraws Sofola’s Claims over Oluwakemi Rehab., Says Construction Diverted to Bola Street in Kosofe


Around February, 2020 before  the occurrence of the wide spread novel covid-19 pandemic that disrupted governance activities across the state the Executive Chairman of Kosofe Local Government, Hon. Afolabi Sofola, had earlier claimed that he rehabilitated Alhaja Oluwakemi Street off  bush Street during his stewardship account ceremony.

At the event monitored by Kosofe Post, several beneficiaries also benefited from  the local authority empowerment programme.

However, among the long list of achievements the chairman claimed  was the non existing rehabilitation works on Alhaja Oluwakemi Street, Anthony village, Area of Kosofe long neglected over 10 years earlier thought it was erroneously listed.

In follow up on the project implementation, this online newspaper, the Kosofe Post earlier today  openly contacted Kosofe Local Govt Chairman, Hon Afolabi Sofola in a short statement that reads thus:

Sir, We are still expecting you to withdraw your claims over Alhaja Oluwakemi Street rehabhiliation in Kosofe or Mobilize Contractor back to Site. Thank you sir.

In a swift clarification  from the Councilor representing Anthony village, Area of Kosofe, Hon. Oluloro Idowu, said the “The council intended to work on Alhaja oluwakemi road before diverting the work to Bola street because of certain reasons but they later worked on the drainage.

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