Oluwatoyin, Folashade Most Outstanding Councilors In Kosofe


LEFT: Hon. Oluwatoyin Odegbesan and Hon. Folashade Akinpelu.

Photo by: Adebayo Sulaiman

Over two month ago, 21 Councilors in Kosofe; Agboyi Ketu, Ikosi Isheri legislative Arms were contacted publicly and privately to avail the public their closed to 3 years stewardship account for free publication. However, some of them felt that they are not seeking for second or third term nor answerable to the public according to their body languages.

Some quickly forgot that when Hon. Tunde Braimoh was the Executive Chairman of Kosofe Local government in 1999, that the current Lagos State House of Assembly Speaker, Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Ajayi Obasa was a councilor like them and this should get some of them prepared for future big task.

So, If the likes of the Chairman on Sustainable Development Goals, House of Representatives, representing kosofe Federal Constituency, Hon. Rotimi Agunsoye, Chairman; Information, Strategy and Security of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. Tunde Braimoh, and his counterpart , Chairman; Commerce, Agriculture and Cooperatives, Hon. Sanni Ganiu Babatunde Okanlawon can be responsive to public inquiries the councilor should take a cue from their senior colleagues.

Some residents openly laments over some of their invisible councilors and coupled with non performance. Perhaps, that might due to poor communication barriers the alleged councilors and constituents or completely incompetency as some opinionated which necessitated our request for information from all them so as to communicate and sensitize their various communities on their impact beyond political gatherings but they declined.

At the time while waiting for their responses discrete interview was carried out on the two female councilors. One of those interviewed was a journalist, politician and businessman; the Former, Secretary to the Local Government, Agboyi Ketu Lcda, Hon. Gbenga Osobu.

In the phone Conversations with Osobu Ikosi Isheri Lcda Legislative Arm, Deputy Leader, Hon. Folashade Akinpelu, Councilor representing Isheri Olowoira; Ward A, and Hon. Oluwatoyin Odegbesan, Councilor representing Ward B in Agboyi Ketu Lcda as the best councilors based on self sponsored life impacting projects and programmes beyond legislation. Adding that more women in politics should be given more councilor-ship position across Kosofe for more visible impact.

Middle: Hon. Folashade Akinpelu inspecting self facilitated road rehabilitation in Isheri Olowoira

Folashade reportedly facilitated over 12 roads rehabilitation in Isheri Olowoira through the Lagos State Public Works Corporation (LSPWC) and intervened in the Lagos State Water Corporation (LSWC) issues affecting her community.

Odegbesan, is the mother of all the Councilors in Agboyi Ketu Legislative Arm as the only female Councilor among them, When it comes to the council functions she worked like workaholic than some of the Executive Cabinet or councilors as monitored in the past.

Hon. Oluwatoyin Odegbesan presenting relief palliatives to some of the beneficiaries during the covid-19 lockdown on April, 2020

Odegbesan, further shown she is an outstanding peoples representative during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown by complimenting the efforts of Mayor Dele Oshinowo led Administration relief packages by sponsoring and distributing hundreds of palliatives in cushioning the resultant effects of the stay at home policy at last month without any political discrimination according to Kosofe Post reliable sources.

Like their counterparts both equally shared in the credit for the separate bylaws passed by their respective legislative Arm in 2020.

Based on the information before Kosofe Post, the duo of Folashade and Oluwakemi remains the most outstanding councilors in Kosofe of Federal Constituency

Kosofe Residents Comments

Lukmon Adeniyi Aderibigbe

I confirmed Odegbesan Oluwatoyin she’s a very loyal to our great party members and also our party leader’s and also to the good people of Ward B with entire people of Agboyi Ketu, also she’s a very respective woman and responsible house wife in fact am proud of her…

AbdulWaheed Omotayo Odunuga
AbdulWaheed Omotayo Odunuga Hon. Odegbesan Oluwakemi (Councilor, Ward B, Agboyi Ketu LCDA) effort at complementing the relief initiatives of the Mayor Dele Oshinowo led-administration was commendable, her actions and activities during this crisis has proven that she is a reliable, dependable and responsponsible representative and passionate about her people. I am very optimistic that more of her kind and that of Mayor Dele Oshinowo in politics and position of leadership will yield the country of our dream.

Adetutu Adunni Adex

Hon Kalejaiye M Afolabi I do call Hon. Odegbesan, mama awa boys, very nice and generous. No vacancy in ward “B” Agboyi ketu, quote me
Ajisafe Oguntoye Omobolanle
Ajisafe Oguntoye Omobolanle Afolashade Akinpelu is very active and dependable. She’s our right person at Isheri olowora magodo.she defended our interest in Isheri olowora nd ikosi Isheri at large.well done job my hon!!!

Olawale Michael Olawale Words alone cannot quantify or qualify what Hon. Akinpelu Folashade has been doing in Ward A as a councillor, truly the primary function of a legislator is law making but she has gone far beyond that. Currently as I speak to you she single handedly facilitated the construction of roads in Ward A, the olowoira-Magodo road just near 95%completion, she also facilitated the sharing of palliatives to over 1000 families in Ward A. Presently another round of palliatives is being shared to members of her community 100% financed by her. If such person is in the position of chairman/Governor we will change the Constitution because of her to accommodate 5 terms in office….she is humble, loyal,honest, dynamic, quintessential, intelligent and good representative of the people and the party.
God bless Akinpelu Folashade

Ahmed Rukayat Olashile Olaitan
Honourable Afolashade is always polite to everyone she meet during the day, from family members to your co-workers, she give others the same respect she like to receive for herself. Hon Folashade is someone who always seek out actions she can take to offer politeness. An honorable man or woman is one who is truthful; free from deceit; above cheating, lying, stealing, or any form of deception. Hon Folashade is very decent, she will never cheat on you, she always stood up for his ward members and lcda members in times of need. Kilowade ten fin di te? Imo enini kin Dale. Hon Folashade, in God you trust

Aisha Adebizy I stand with Hon.Afolashade Akinpelu she’s a woman of her word trustworthy and reliable

Gbenga Osobu Hon Victoria Odegbesan who represents my ward,ward B often described as the best ward in Agboyi Ketu stands out as a councillor who know and performs the functions of her office. She is simply exceptional in service delivery .
Hon Sade Akinpelu represents Ward A in Ikosi Isheri where I own vested investment and interest.

On Hon Akinpelu’s account about 12 roads were graded in Isheri North GRA through external collaboration with Lagos Public Works Corporation. She also attracted the Lagos Water Corporation to the water needs of that community as well as facilitated the Public Works attention to the planned repairs of the Channels Television Road linking the border community.
Only few days back the community was sanitized against the spread of Covid 19 by the LCDA through her efforts.
She’s a great example of the evolving strength of feminine commitment to community development through unblemished representation.

Sheu Ajibolatosho Hon Folashade Akinpelumi is humble Active caring understanding women she isn’t a proud may God be with you

Abiola Abioye Hon Folashade Akinpelu is a mobiliser and hard working grassroots councillor. She is the real interface between the council and our community ( Isheri North). She communicates the initiative and programs of the Council to us regularly and also ensure our community is not left out in palliative works especially the road rehabilitations. She represents a great hope in the new Nigeria political system.

Funmilola Arulewola Bisiriyu
Hon Folashade Akinpelu is a wonderful lady. I cannot begin to quantify her abilities and love of service She is attentive and has a listening ear to everybody.If you call her she picks her call and if she is busy, she returns your call promptly. she is a born service deliverer. She graded about 12 roads in our community Isheri north GRA Estate. And she has promised to even do more! – I am the chairman of Isheri North GRA Estate

Bode Ojomu

On Akinpelu Folashade our Honourable Councilor whose Constituency extends to Gateway Zone Estate, Magodo GRA Phase 1, Isheri stands out in the crowd as a Representative Leader with great potentials effectively impacting on lives of the people of the Ward and the Environment.
The Amazon Hon.Akinpelu Folashade is very good at engaging the Stakeholders of her Constituency on her next moves at letting the people have a feel of good governance and it’s not surprising for the general perception of a Councilor everywhere involved in Roads upgrade or construction and Welfare packages for the needy at trying moments.

Rated as a performer, perceived as approachable,seen as a lover of people of her Constituency and accross the State.Her humility and warmth in her communications style is commendable.

Am privileged to have seen her do her duty genuinely from my vantage position as CDA Chairman in Magodo GRA Phase 1- Gateway Zone CDA, Isheri for me to make this public attestation.

Lawrence Aluko

I am from ward A, Magodo zone C, Honorable Folashade has been an Amazon in term of representation. We hope we can get more of her in our community.

Folashade has been pushing developments to her constituency. You have really tried in bringing government attention to your areas of coverage. Your effort is commendable and we will need you to push more. For now, it is commendation for a good job

Oladapo Joshua Hon. Sade Akinpelu, has been quite responsive and representative of Ward A in Ikosi-Isheri LCDA. Though, at Otun-Araromi (Orisha) Community, Magodo Phase 1, where i reside, is yet to directly get any govt. Project facilitated by the honourable councillor, but with her pledge to helping and ensuring govt under the current leadership at Council grants project to be undertaken for the benefit of all residents in the area is already on course.
It’s our desire and prayer that God will use our very dear Hon. Sade Akinpelu, to influence such project that is Germaine to our community in no distant time.

Sikiru Oladeji Folashade Akinpelu is a truthful, honest, competent, diligent, humble, loyal and a good leader which I believe deserves the post of Deputy Leader, she has been a testimony in Ward A and to others, not disrespectful to other leaders

Abisodun Adeoye Hon Akinpelu Folashade and hon oluwatoyin odegbesan are not only very calm but also dependable women, very active and put into consideration people’s feelings.
You can never find them bad mouthing anyone, they interact with everyone peacefully. They have single handedly facilitated projects from their pockets just for their constituents to enjoy the dividends of democracy.

Olatinwo Tosin Folasade Akinpelu she is a councilor that we can’t forget in ikosi isheri bcuz she is very active talented humble, respect and loyal and her people in ward A can’t ever forget her hand work in isheri olowora area and she is even deserve more than the post of deputy leader

Oladiran Oluseyi Counselor Akinpelu is just one counselor who has remained committed to her election promises, of total service to the grass roots in the recent time.
Hardly do i remember any other counselor who was that committed to the plights of her ward.
She was there to put right the messy main Olowora Road without a goading.
She remained with us in our Unity CDA to stop the IKEDC from its sharp ways of over burden us with exorbitant billing system
She stood and still standing by the affected community in Olowora in their bid to surmount the after effects of the collapsed buildings due to heavy rain fall late last year.
These are just a tip of the iceberg about the performance, so far,of a lady councilor of a large heart for her community

Adedollar Prime-light Hon Victoria odegbesan representing the good people of ward b agboyi/ketu lcda, under the leadership of our amiable chairman hon mayor dele oshinowo,is a good person, generous, kind, calm, respectful and also loyal to the party leaders and Apex leader respectively,may God continue to guide her and bless her more ijn.
Kosofe Post, the voice of the people is the voice God, in a sane environment. Based our findings and peoples voices above the duo of Folasade and Oluwatoyin will be getting an award from Kosofepost. While Kosofe Local Government legislative Arm will be receiving an award for posting their proceedings on Microblogging platforms Instagram and facebook to engage the public as monitored over the months.

NB: individual, groups and organisation interested in sponsoring any of these award presentation should contact us.

The sponsor name will appear beneath the award plaque, digital banners and profile will be published among others.

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