ABIRU Places Premium on Community Journalism

The candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC) for the forthcoming Lagos East Senatorial District Bye-Election, Mr. Abiru Mukhail Tokunbo, has placed premium on community journalism.

After Senator Gbenga Ashafa, who know the critical role of the community journalism in grassroots, developments and engaged the practitioners without discrimination, Abiru, is another candidate among those currently jostling the Lagos East Senate, who has been engaging them in his residence at Ikorodu.

On about two to three occasions he has met with notable Independent Lagos East Senatorial District online community media Practitioners, when he calmly responded to uncensored Frequently Asked Questions put to him.

During an interactive session with online practitioners, he stated that he had contributed his quota to the development of private sector after about 32 years.

Unlike the regular Nigerian politician who will start rolling out empowerment programmes for the needy and vulnerable people when election draws near.

However, he has been doing series of empowerment programmes and providing helping hand to the people before the sudden death of the Senator, which his critics bear witness to.

According to reports he was reported to be the likely next Central Bank Of Nigeria Governor after Godwin Emefiele.

When asked where he thinks he will make more impact between, being a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and CBN Governor’s.

He said, “like I said earlier, I have put in 32 years in the banking sector, I made up my mind to resign from the banking sector December 2020 to contribute my quota in the public sector before the opening came.”

He equally corrected the notion that he was imposed. Speaking at his residence Kara close, along Ibeshe road, Ikorodu. He said, when the opening for Lagos East Senatorial became opening, He consulted wide and far, like other contestants in the race. Adding that, consultations with other contestants is still ongoing.

On the controversial constituency projects or zonal intervention programmes he assured that the best standard operating procedure in implementing them will not compromised in Lagos East.

He demonstrated sufficiently that he won’t be a bench warmer, sound motions and life’s impacting bill(s) presentations won’t be short in presentation if elected based on his track record at Polaris Bank, local, international exposure in leadership trainings.

When the professional politicians in the Tokunbo Abiru Campaign Team(TACT) were trolling his main challenger the opposition candidate, Babatunde Olalere Gbadamosi of People Democratic Party (PDP), hilariously, the technocrat cum politician, Abiru never joined them, however, smiled at their heavy shedding. He emphasised that,”I am for everybody.”

Abiru, assured the Lagos East Senatorial District media practitioners, who are authoritative voice of the community that he will partner with them when elected.

In terms of grassroots engagements, Abiru is currently maintaining the lead, apart from the improved spread of the opposition posters, banners, billboards among others as monitored.

Sources in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) disclosed that, immediately after the Ondo election, BOG as he’s popularly known will up his campaign activities and programmes beyond his hyper active Microblogging platforms.