Ganiu Oyebanjo: The allegedly dead politician rise again in Kosofe

By Dayo Olatunji

The new political appointee in town is Mr. Ganiu Oyebanjo, after crossing to the All Progressives congress (Defunt ACN) in the build up to the 2007 general elections he was later used and dumped by some constituted authority then as reliably informed. It was not only ganiu that was recently appointed but his case was completely different if we all have our ears on ground.


Sometimes around 2006 before moving into ACN he was seconded by Lagos State Film and Video census Board (Ministry of Information and strategy) under the chairmanship of Barrister Rotimi vaughan to Kosofe local government. He was not allowed to operate due to political coloration until alternative offer was suggested to replace ganiu as the board representatives in Kosofe.

As if that was not enough, ever since he joined the ruling party he was reported described with different derogatory words by those who are close and those that judged him from afar as a dead politician or halfcut snake wagging his tail or He can never be anything politically to the best reasons known to his critics.

Some of his contemporaries are in Ikosi Isheri , Agboyi Ketu and Kosofe Local Government, who has benefited tremendously from one form of elected or appointed political offices in the past and currently until his destiny and destiny helpers, The Kosofe Local Govt. Executive Chairman, Afolabi Sofola and others took him to a practical Next level recently. No doubt on his lips, it will be #Otope

Though some are insinuating that it’s not a big deal appointment to complete remaining few years tenure of the incumbent Chairman without official car, Special accommodation before the administration pens down. However, irrespective of of his critics postulation of a dead politician or half cut snake, the appointment rest has now put everything to permanent rest as Sofola broke the jinx. Moreso, half Agege Bread from kosofe Master bakers is better than none. And it’s better late than never.

For ganiu and other ambition people, who are in his similar shoes in the society irrespective of their demographic and the tormentor, everyone must learn that ” We are not the supreme God And we should stop acting as one” because the lord has the final say over our affairs”.

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