The Death of Musa (Moses) Peace be upon him

Imam Jafar as- Siddiq said that when the angel of death came to Musa, he said: “O Kallimullah (the one Allah speaks with directly), Musa replied, sure. Who are you he asked? I am the angel of death. He asked why have you come? He replied to take your soul.
Musa asked, from where will you take my soul? He replied, from the mouth. Musa asked, how will you take it from the mouth, when I have conversed with the Almighty Allah with my mouth?

The angel replied, alright I will seize it from your hands. Musa exclaimed, how will you seize it from my hands, when these hands have held the Torah? The angel said I will seize it from your feet. Musa said I have gone to mount Toor (mount Sinai) on these very feet to walk with my Lord.

The angel said, then I will take it from your eyes. Musa said, I have always looked with these eyes hopefully towards my Lord’s mercy. The angel said, then from your ears. Musa said, I have heard my Lord’s words with these very ears. Then Allah revealed to the angel, do not seize his soul until he himself desires it. So the angel went back, and Musa lived for quite a long time thereafter.

One day, Prophet Musa saw some angels who were busy digging a grave. Musa asked, for whom are you digging this grave? They replied, ” By Allah, for a slave of Allah who is very high in the Sight of Allah. Musa said, indeed, he must be very great in the Sight of Allah, because I have never seen a grave better than this. The angels inquired, O slave of Allah! Do you wish to be the man? Of course, I do.

The angels said, go and sleep in it and be thinking of Allah. Musa slept in it and saw his place in Paradise and he desired for his death from the Almighty Allah. His soul was taken and he was buried there by the angels. Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

Oyebanjo Ganiyu
Senior Special Assistant
On Religious Matters
To the Executive Chairman,
Kosofe Local Government

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