Reason why my children are not interested coming back to Nigeria

When I left Nigeria for Europe in 1985, one thing was on my mind – don’t come back to Nigeria without a foreign passport.

There was no family, no friend except Segun Sowumi, Atiku’s spokesperson.

I saw the future of this country when I was 17. I knew they will be running it like a family business. Anyway, am I not vindicated now?

The youths in Nigeria have learnt how to be useless like their fathers. In the next ten years, the bombings in Pakistan will be like child’s play compared to Nigeria. Kidnapping will spread to every corner in Nigeria. Getting a Visa to travel abroad will be nearly impossible. The tribal hatred will multiply in hundreds.

I think I’m the last person among my immediate family that will live in Nigeria. My children are not interested in coming back to Nigeria.

They are happy where they are. They don’t need to know anybody before securing employment; unlike Nigeria where the head of parastatals determine the majority of the staff. Go to any organisation in Nigeria, you will be amazed with the level of Nepotism.

It’s sad. The youths who are supposed to unite and demand their right have lost their confidence. They are always jittery.

Everyone wants to be a civil servant or a politician – the two major industries that pay more than 419.

When a former Governor of Oyo state, Lam Adesina died, he was buried in the house he built before he became Governor. The reverse is now the case. Late Isiaka Ajimobi nearly pocketed the whole state’s

wealth before he died. He did not behave like an Ibadan man. Ibadan people love their state more than themselves. Can anyone explain the source of money for the mansion he was building before he died?

Some idiots will say we should not speak ill of the dead. Why are we speaking positive things about the Prophet and his disciples?

Most of these evil people will be the ones to condemn Christianity and Islam, as if both religions were made in Nigeria.

No law stops us from saying what we know about the dead or the living. If you were good when you were alive, we will praise you and if bad, we will write what we know about you.

When I die, write whatever you know about me. I will be happy wherever I am to read what people will say about me.

Anyway, I have made my name. What I have already written on the internet will be there for millions of years to come. So, it’s non of my business.

Wole Arisekola writes from Ibadan