The State Of Educational System in Nigeria

Picture culled from the sheet for illustration

Sanni Omobulola

Over the years, the standard of education in Nigeria has greatly fallen and most would blame it on the lack of proper and well-structured society.

In the past, a grade 6 student could boldly say he is educated, but is it the same at this present society?

This current society has produced university graduates who are adjudged illiterates because of the comatose state of the educational system.

It was gathered that, in the past, students have access to well conducive classrooms with qualified teachers that are passionate about their works. But these days, we only have teachers who want to make ends meet and escape from the very harsh society we found ourselves.

In the meantime, there only exist teachers per chance, who only wants to survive.

Although there still exist quality education, but not to the common man. The average man cannot access quality education, and end up giving his children to quacks. What choice has he anyways.

In a chat with a proprietor of a school, Sunshine secondary school (not real name), he pointed that, most of the teachers he employed are graduates who have been unemployed for a very long time after graduation and resolve to teaching to feed their families.

While interviewing some teachers, it was observed that, majority of them have a totally different plans from what they are currently doing and would like to pursue their dreams when opportunity comes.

Do you then think such teachers can give in their best to professions they had no interest in? Of course some will while most will not.

In a similar development, Mrs Adeshina of Success Academy lamented that, most Nigerians value certificates than acquiring the real education, the reason most will go any length to get certificates without proper education. This according to her contributed largely to the deteriorated standard of education in Nigeria.

It is disheartening that the private sectors now controls larger part of Nigeria Educational sector, while the government fold arms and the moral and social values kept deteriorating.

In a society that has little or nothing to offer, the people have to learn how to survive by all means. This justifies why there seems to be no improvement despite uproar about the continuous decadence in our educational system.

We therefore call upon government at all levels to live up to their responsibilities and help bring back the lost glory.