The Northeast Security Challenge and the many travails of Governor Zulum

By: Lanre Shodimu

Gov. Zulum, an Engineer and a Professor of Agricultural Engineering is one academia who takes seriously governance and service to his people.

He came to limelight and public glare as a result of his independent mindedness and commitment at implementing projects committed to him by the previous administration which earned him recommendation as next Governor of Nigeria’s most terrorised State.

Even though he is a mere Governor who doesn’t have the military and the Police under his command and control, he has in many instances dared the dreaded insurgents by crisscrossing several territories bokoharam is known to be seriously on rampage.

He often in several attempts at serving his people becomes confrontational to military high commands. There have been several attempts at his life, which therefore makes him the most endangered Governor in Nigeria. Yet in all, he is undoubtedly the best Governor in Nigeria, for stepping up development in the mist of a dire security challenge.

The Governor deserves commendations for his service to humanity most especially caring for the Internally Displaced persons of the State, while at the same time needs to cautious of areas he tours for his personal safety. This may be of a little challenge for a Governor who is committed to service and known for bringing relief, succour and development to his people.

Governor Zulum has been so committed and fixated to Governance in Borno and its environs that he hardly attends functions outside the state because of the perennial and unending security challenges in the northeast state making the plights of the internally displaced people a serious travail to which the person of Professor Zulum cannot overlook just because there is an existential threat by the dreaded Boko haram.

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