North and West, Should Concede 2023 Presidential seat to Igbo in Nigeria

Bilesanmi Abayomi

Challenges confronting Nigerians is beyond the recently disrupted Endsars protests. Poor quality of education, epileptic power supply and crazy Bill, lack of pipe borne water, motorable road networks, unemployment of about 50% of the total population and cost of living among others.

Also, presidency political marginalization of the people of Eastern and Northern Central part of Nigeria. Though the implied power rotation has been between the the North and South.

Among the 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria since return to Democracy in 1999. Four zones has had their fair share. Namely Southwest represented by Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, North West ; Late Umaru Yardua, North East; Incumbent President Muhammad Buhari.

After the completion of Buhari tenure for Equity and Justice seen to be done, without any greed, desperation power is expected to shift to the South. The only region out of the three region in Nigeria that has not been given presidential slot is southeast region, the two main Party;

All Progressives Congress (APC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) or the new proposed young Nigerians Party must zone their presidency to.

Power is not serve Ala carte. The Igbo must demonstrate unity and bury the ego among themselves, called those calling for sectionist or separation to order to ensure victory is won before demanding for fundamental rights, present young prepared candidates not above 60 Years and lobby other 5 geopolitical zones

for support and endorsement to actualized Igbo presidential project.

Without Justice, no peace. Since return to Democratic setting in 1999, both Vice President and Presidential positions, the Eastern Part of Nigeria has not benefited.

Consequently, to demonstrate one Nigeria both Northern and Western part of Nigeria should concede 2023 presidential to Igbo People to healed past wounds and erased long held notion of gang up against Ndigbo