Kosofe ll Bye-Election: Young people will be my priority- Alebiosu

Hon. Prince Alebiosu Sikiru Ademola Adekoya who is a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for Kosofe constituency 2 Bye-Election, in his interview with Abayomi Bilesanmi reveal why he is passionate about creating conducive environment for the youths. He also expressed his thoughts on the menace of cultism among others.

As a representative of Kosofe Constituency 2, What will be your agenda when elected?

Topmost among my agendas is to represent my constituency to the best of my ability, and also the good people of our dear state, Lagos. I want to make laws, sponsor motions and bills that improve lives of average dwellers on Lagos State and make Kosofe a secured and protected place to live and do business in Lagos State.

Capital development ensuring financial Independence and individual sustainability of my Constituents, Chiefly the soro soke generation and the vulnerable ones will be my priority.

What inspired you into joining Politics?

I was inspired by the famous quote of John F. Kennedy: “Ask Not What your country can Do For you But What You Can Do For Your country” – John F. Kennedy. therefore, I joined politics well above 2 decades ago as result of my passion and

determination to make Kosofe and Lagos State envy of other states in Nigeria. I felt being in politics for a record time, an elective position will enable me to do a lot more.

You are so much focused on the cause of the youths. Why is that so?

Kosofe and Lagos State has huge demographic of the Youths population. I don’t champion the cause of my contemporaries, the Youths. Who will?

You agree with me, that if the youths are fairly represented in governance and listened to the youths wouldn’t have turned out in their large numbers to draw Government attention through protests to an issue of national important; calling an end to Nigeria police force brutality and improved salary pay for them.

Our dear state, Lagos was the epicenter of the protests that were later hijacked by some criminal elements to loot, burn worth of several billions of Public and private properties. The sad incident wouldn’t have happened had it been a purposeful,

responsive and proactive leaders who respected Peoples right of expression through a peaceful medium they chose to had addressed the plight of the young Nigerians in good time rather brute Force that escalated the wanton destruction across the state.

As a young that grew up and spent over 30 years in Kosofe, I understand how the young people feel and I, feel how they felt as a result of the environment that prevent them from attaining their potentials without knowing anybody to become

somebody. Beyond the youths, I promise to representatives all Nigerians residing or doing business in Kosofe without discriminations.

All lives matter. We will partnered with Community Based Organizations, NGOs to sensitize young people on the menace of cultism among others.

Immediately Election is over, the winner becomes inaccessible to the people. How do you intend to sustain your relationship with the people if elected?

There is a subsisting annual community stakeholders meeting programme designed by the Lagos State House of Assembly. In addition to that, I will meet my Constituents stakeholders quarterly for feedback.

My Constituency office will be open to all, and We will adopt Social media platforms to update and engage our people when necessary.

What’s your final message to the people of Kosofe, Lagos East?

Albert Einstein said and I quote: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Basically, to bring about the new Kosofe and Lagos State we have been crying for, we must not mistakenly leave it in the

hands of those who looted and looting the state officially even beyond the hoodlums sponsored to hijack the rested peaceful protests.

Such people, agents, representatives and proxies must be rejected in the forthcoming Kosofe Constituency 2, and Lagos East Senatorial District Bye-Elections by respected voters by voting PDP; Prince Alebiosu for Kosofe constituency 2 state Assembly and Lagos East Senatorial Candidate, Babatunde Olalere Gbadamosi for Senate.

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