Sometimes I wonder why mankind loves trouble.
Man comes into this world with plenty innocence and less care and gradually,then rapidly rids himself of all the peace he came in with.
This world is layered with quantum trouble!

Greed, the supreme bane of mankind, greed of all sorts, greed for power, greed for fame, greed for wealth, greed for dominion, greed for territory…

A world he came into empty handed, but wants to covet wholly.
Even the GOD that owns all is amazed at how mankind kills and maims to have the possession whose creation he contributed nought to attain.
And when man’s time up is announced, he leaves as empty as he came, but not without the reward that awaits his soul in eternity.

Between his entrance and exit, he enforces policies that may cause his eternal estate sorrow.
Oh! Why sorrow and fight for shadows? Vanity!
Why make much ado about nothing?
Making mountains out of mole-hills?
It beats me to see us tear ourselves apart over possessions that are lighter than air.
We build up suspicion, rant about injustice, yet we all are perpetrators of the crime we cry against!
Oh! How I wish we could return to innocence, to living like children.
The toughest giant is but sustained by a tiny thread.

Oh breath, the enabler of lofty visions… The only true essence of all…
I wish we could be wiser, and devote ourselves to acts that will grant us peace in our ascent to eternity.
Eternity is but a breathe away…



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