Mother of 5 abandoned car in Middle of Expressway, Walked barefooted with Children to Evangelise

Mrs. Lydia O abandoned her car in the Middle of Oworonshoki-Apapa Expressway at Anthony Village around 3:30Pm with Ignition on, and Walked barefooted with Children to Evangelize yesterday.

An eyewitness who was on ground at the scene narrated how the woman refused to give patrol team of security outfit codenamed Op mesa way to pass, while her car key was seized.

He noted that as she was later given the car key, she started her evangelism right at the middle of the Highway.

She abandoned her car, goods, shoes, phone, and walked down to 500 Meters distance; 24 Studio Opposite Gtbank, Anthony Branch..

A good samaritan who observed her abnormal conducts with her children followed her to the spot called the attention of police officers around to inform them about the development.

An Inspector of Police,ISP. calister at the traffic beat directed a Police Constabulary attache and the good Samaritan to recover the abandoned vehicle.

The woman was said to have ignore the officer who went to inquire about where she was coming from and heading to.

Lydia asked the officer and passersby who was amazed by developments to gather and listen to the word of God. She claimed she was directed by God to come and minister to them.

Lydia in her evangelism words asked,” Who is bigger than my father repetent now so that you will enter the Kingdom of heaven, I cast the demons in you.”

The Anthony Village Police Division patrol team visited the scene to have a word with her. She insisted she was on evangelism mission and instructed her children not to grant audience to the officer and urged to start their evangelism.

Our reporters who was at the scene said her evangelism drama lasted for about 2 hours.

Her little daughter of about 4 years was told to go to the car first after their family evangelism, brought out big a teddy bear and hit it on the floor in front the photo studio, while the mother and the other 4 children approached the car; prayed, entered and sat down.

The patrol team was said to have assist her to control the traffic so that she will connect to her way.

She began to preach again and told them she was waiting for the car key and phone she earlier abandoned in the Middle of Oworonshoki-Apapa Expressway.

The patrol team approached a female officer, Inspector Callister fondly called “Iya Ruka” who was the saving grace for the family of six, car from been looted.

She navigated back through the Anthony village ramp connecting Oworonshoki-Apapa Expressway without expressing a word of appreciation over the recovered car and items.

Many suspected she might be suffering from marriage depression and other psychological disorder while others are of the opinion that a family of six can not be insane at the same time added, they knew what they were doing.

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