International Womens Day 2021: Nigeria’s drum Support for Female President, Governors in 2023

Nigerians have started agitating for a female president and governor in 2023 general election.

It was stated that there are females that possess the credibility of the director general of world trade organization, Dr. Okonjo Iweala that can make a better President, Governors, Senator And congresswoman if the major party put them forward.

Nigeria’s political space; most especially the presidency and State government dominated by men with little or no measurable impact in term of unity, quality education, regular power supply, security,
affordable housing schemes and healthy economic.

Although, power is not serve Ala carte the women in politics and other professional bodies should jettison their differences and party lines to vie for the exacted positions.

Different Nigerians took to the KosofePost microbloging platform, Facebook to drum support for female president, governors in 2023.

Tunji Ajibola stated that, “let the political disruption begin. Let it not be business as usual come 2023.
Never say, Never,Never. We need to start somewhere! We can disrupt current political system positively.
Wind of Transformation can definitely blows!”

Adewale Adenuga on the other hand disclosed that, It is not about men against women, but there is evidence to show through research that when you have more women in public decision-making, you get policies that benefit women, children and families in general.

“Generally speaking most women are better at compromise, less likely to be violent, more oriented toward the greater good than personal gain, and understand the need for balance in the family. We need to have more women participation and elected into various house of assemblies, governors, national assembly and possibly the president of Nigeria.

“Presently, we have no male politicians that can take Nigeria to her expected ends, they have failed us woefully.

Only if they have husband like madam Ngozi & they are humble with their position too, Street Evang Mino Greatness stated.

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