‘Us and Them’-By Ganiyu Oyebanjo

The problem in Nigeria, is not about Fulani, Herdsmen and Banditry. Its about “Us and Them” There are different types of people in this country. Everybody believes that the Fulani/ Herdsmen are the people causing problems in Nigeria.
Anytime an issue about the Herdsmen/ Fulani comes to the public domain, you see the bitterness and hatred in the way people criticised them, not minding or investigating if such allegation was true or not.
If you hear or read in the newspaper that Herdsmen/ Fulani were killed, you see the happiness on the faces of people from other regions of the country. “Us and Them”
A country, can’t be divided into parts by drawing lines on a paper. It is divided in our minds by colour, language, religion and caste. The  media, both prints and electronics has divided this country very beautifully in “Us and Them”. The punishment of an erring Herdsman/ Fulani, is always pronounced before the court gives its verdict.
This is a country, where people speaks over 500 languages, follow many religions, how can you do justice between” Us and Them” in that country? I really don’t understand. Balewa was killed by a man. You can’t blame his community for his crime. So why blamed the crime of an Herdsman/ Fulani on the entire Herdsmen/ Fulani’s?
Banditry is a criminal act not a communal act. If every Herdsman/ Fulani, is weighed in the same weighing scale, then one- fourth of the population of the country will be under suspicion. The country can’t stand divided. All of us are a part of this country. We need to live like our brother’s keeper.
Terrorists and Bandits are not agents of a region/ Islam. They are misusing region/ Islam for business and politics. If we acknowledge it, we will find a way to escape from it. The media, are prejudiced agents to the country. We all must have known that. They are more interested in Herdsmen/Banditry/Islam. Their focus is on that. Change your outlook, the world will look clearer to you.
There are exceptional Fulani/ Muslims in this country. Had you utilized your time to go through history, rather than listening to gossips, watching news channels and using WhatsApp, you would have known how many Fulani/ Muslims were terrorists/ bandits and how many of them have made our country proud. I can tell you their names, but its not my job.
Whenever someone tries to divide us, misguide or mislead us, go home and check the calendar, check how many days are left for the elections. Let no one divide us. We all are citizens of this great country, not by choice but “Divine Will”. Let it remain the way it is. If you look for love, you will surely find it. 
Ganiyu Olamiji Oyebanjo.

Chairmanship Aspirant

Kosofe Local Government.

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