One day Prophet Musa(Moses) was passing through a barren hill. He noticed a pious man busy in prayer, sitting in a cave of the hill. Moses felt the urge to meet and talk to him. Moses went near and greeted him. The pious man asked disinterestedly, who are you? Moses said, I am Moses.

The man asked, are you the Prophet Moses? Moses said yes. The man said “Then ask Allah to grant my wish. Moses asked what is that you want? The man said in the last 100 years, am sitting here praying to Allah. What will He give me for my efforts? Moses said I shall find out immediately.

He quickly climbed up the hills and called ” O Sustainer of the universe! This person wants to know about the reward for his prayers. Tell me what I shall inform him? Allah (SWT), told Moses, We shall inform him tomorrow. Moses went to the man and told him.

The man said its fine. Tomorrow is not much of a time. The pious man was in the habit of going to a nearby stream every morning for bathing and fetching some water for his use.
Therefore, the next morning he headed for the stream, but lost his way and reached somewhere else. Because of the sun’s heat, he became very thisrty and tired.

He sat on a stone and started thinking about his death. At that time, he found another man coming from the other direction. He asked the man for water. The man said there is no water in this wilderness. The little I have is only for me.

The pious man started crying. What will you give me if I give you a cup of water? I don’t have anything. I have been busy in the cave praying for the past 100 years. He said if you agree to transfer to me the rewards for your prayers of 100 years, I shall give you a cup of water. Allah (SWT), told Moses what had happened.

Tell the man to settle the value of cups of water he had taken in the last 100 years. Moses told the man. The man replied, I have sold my years of worship for a cup of water. The man shouted, ” O Moses, beg Allah to forgive me. Allah told Moses to inform the man that his calling on Us now, is more beloved to Me than his 100 years of penitence. ALLAHU AKBAR.

Ganiyu Oyebanjo
Senior Special Assistant On Religious Matters to Kosofe Local Government Chairman

Chairmanship Aspirant Kosofe Local Government.

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