The word Fayose Group is still akin to Plan to factionalize PDP in South West at any time

The expectation of party members at this point is that, our members and leaders, after the Zonal Congress, should not be divided into groups but one indivisible SOUTH WEST PDP under the leadership of Taofeek Oladejo Arapaja and his team.

The former governor of Ekiti, Dr. Ayodele Peter Fayose, has been prevailed upon by all well meaning and loving members of our great party to drop from his toga of high horse and allow peace to reign Supreme. In as much as he keeps talking about Fayose Group within the PDP, it still amount to factionalization, which won’t be to the interest and development of the party in the zone.

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The former governor who during the Zonal Congress admitted that he will accept the outcome of the election, went on Channels TV in less than 48 hours to discredit same process, threatened to form a parallel excos, and called the election a scam. Fayose has again turned to start selling the narrative of Fayose Group within PDP, calling for meeting here and there, which some party members are already seeing as putting together a faction in case their planned negotiation didn’t go well.

Winners have emerged, the best we can all do now is to give them a supporting hands and not create distractions for them all in the name of playing politics.

Except the Fayose Group as they call it is a support group like every other support groups within our party, then it will add value, but if the group’s purpose is to keep acting like rebel or faction, then it may not urgur well for the unity we all wish for in our party.

No doubt, Fayose is a force to be reckon with, but, that should not be taken too far in a situation like this, where the desire of every member of our great party is to see the new party managers returning PDP to a winning way.

Oyo State led by Engr Oluseyi Makinde has practically demonstrated in 2019 that PDP can win and win big, this winning should be allowed to spread across all South West States, yes it is possible when we work together as a team in the zone without polarization or factionalization.

No gain in one man trying to act like a superman, when we are all supposed to be working as one entity called PDP under the leadership of Arapaja.

Ire o….

Prince Adelaja Adeoye

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