I asked in a terse post I made earlier on Sunday (April 18) who exactly was the character called Dr. Olatokunbo Pearse. I had asked the question not because I had never set my eyes on him before, I had. But I must admit I didn’t know him beyond seeing him occasionally at PDP functions, carrying his oft downcast look that is a cross between manifest frustration and sadism. That I would say was my impression of his outward personality.

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However, I never had any reason to pay attention to what could be the reflexes of his inner personality until I started reading the sort of rile and somewhat outlandish commentaries about contending issues and personalities within the Lagos PDP, and lately the South West PDP that he dishes out at some topical times.

My focus here is not about his perspectives of the issues that have broken leaders and members of the Lagos PDP into ferociously opposing camps since the past months. I believe he, like everyone else, is entitled to his opinion, no matter how jejune. Indeed, I do not consider myself qualified to question his perception or knowledge of any issue, knowing his high academic status. I do not possess anything near his PhD but, even with my little NEPA certificate education, exposure and native intelligence I’m most times befuddled what this man is doing with his supposed high intellectual acumen. Honestly, I believe Dr. Pearse should be able to do better, and can truly do better than he’s doing with his knowledge for the Lagos PDP.

Let me state that my worry has got nothing to do with the position he takes on any matter or persons in the Lagos PDP. It is entirely up to him to choose what to believe and accept as well as what to disbelieve and reject. What he supports and who he queues behind are totally within his democratic choices. As politicians we cannot be oblivious of the fact that taking a position in political contestations, for some people, does not necessarily have to do with truth, reason or reality; it is rather more of cringing before the visage of some idolatry personality that they worship in a system or the hypocritical positioning for opportunism that they sometimes don’t merit and deserve.

The worry is that this man postures as a leader in the Lagos PDP but each time he engages his brains to intervene in matters troubling the party he rather goes overboard, jumping deeper into the abyss of widening the gulf than suture the wound to heal fast. I will not, and can never dismiss his postulations in some of his commentaries that I have read. I do not think any cerebral mind will say his arguments usually lack content. But he will help his personality better as an intellectual and well polished person if he keeps to laying the facts and being civil in his analysis without falling into the gutters of attacking directly the personality of his subject. You don’t need to abuse anyone to drive home your point. And I believe that Dr. Pearse as a teacher and public commentator is very well aware that you don’t make better sense and sustain the attention of reasonable people when you engage so much in personality attack and abuses while treating an issue.

So, for those who know Dr. Pearse more closely, I think he also needs your help. He needs to be told that there’s something he also needs to learn as a teacher. He needs to know what fits at a particular time, what to say, how to say it and the value his thoughts will convey to those reading him in the Lagos PDP family. Writing or saying what can further drive a wedge among the members and polarise the party at a time that most people are looking forward to genuine reconciliation, peace and unity is not it at all; not from anyone who expects to be adored as a leader in the party.

My submission to Dr. Pearse, therefore, is for him to be more decent and civil in addressing any matters that tickles his fancy especially about the Lagos PDP. He should always think of, and emphasise more on what can unite us in the party than the sort of things that he puts out, which only have the potentials of dividing the party more.

While Dr. Pearse continues to put his intellectual prowess to use in the party, it will be to the greatest delight of all if it is for the ultimate goal of strengthening the party for us to be able to confront the monstrous opposition APC at the elections ahead as a united and formidable family.

Hoping that you would find a little sense in what I’ve put across to you here, Dr. Pearse I say peace be unto you. You may also not find it funny and decide to shoot, in your usual character, your acidic dart at me, I assure you it will be most welcome. Even the lackeys in the wing are free to bring it on.

Muka Popoola
Agege Local Government



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