By Imoledayo Immanuel

I wonder why C & S Sister will want to marry and be blessed in her church yet looking out to buy wedding cloth or sow a wedding cloth that she will wear just for a day , some will even go to the extent of renting wedding gown (A total rubbish) . why can’t you sow white garment for your wedding?

A brother in C & S church will want to marry in same fold and be blessed in C & S church yet looking for suit to sow to wear inside the church? who brainwash us ? who be witched us? why can’t he sow white garment and be blessed in garment robe before the Lord?

Many of us just follow the crowd to do things , we don’t follow pattern and the leading of the spirit of God. You want to be like others , do your wedding like others , look like others and you enter into wrong competition and put pressure on each other over unnessary things !

Some of you are single till date not because you don’t know who you will marry but you’re waiting to have enough money to do a very loud wedding that your friends on Instagram and Twitter will know that a wedding is going on in town. who does that help? must you invite thosand of people to your wedding ? don’t you know you can invite just 10 people and you will have a glorious wedding?

I have seen someone married for the past 3 years still paying up wedding debt! you rent hall of over 450k , you buy wedding cloth of 250k , suit of 150k instead of sowing good white garment that won’t cost you up to 20k and look good . Must you imitate others? must you look like others? you have been wearing white garment all these days and on your wedding day in white garment church, you’re looking for suit to wear , looking for a designer wedding cloth that after wedding day you can never wear it again, who affect our understanding? who fool us ? why are we thinking backward ?

if you are so weathy that you make at least a million naira in a month , then it’s fine to kill ten cow , buy 400k suit or 650k wedding cloth. But you know in a month you struggle to make 50k yet you planing for a wedding of 10million naira , and you’re thinking you have family member that will support you because wedding is once in a life time. Ha , who did this to your brain ? even if someone gave you 10million to do wedding and you only earn like 50k in a month, why not use the money to start a business or invest the money to make more money than spend it on wedding so people will say you did a big wedding.

No matter how much you spend on your wedding day, some people will still say they didn’t eat or meat is not enough even if you kill 10 cow. so why kill your self? must you invite everybody? see, even if you buy wedding cloth of over 300k , some people will still say, the cloth doesn’t fit you or it’s not fine. so why not sow a white garment that you can even wear after wedding ? And you brothers too, sow white garment not suit! You can get a suit for court wedding but not necessarily expensive ones except you have enough money or someone dash you.

The origin of bride wearing white garment to wedding is a picture of C & S church,as the bride of Christ. Not just C & S church, but the church as a whole is the bride of Jesus and must be dressed in white robe. This is why all the redeemed of the Lord in heaven will be wearing white Garment forever which we wear in C & S church.

This is why I do caution some people wearing coloured garments to vigil , some even on Sundays . they will wear yellow garment or red gament . when you ask them why are they wearing this ? they will tell you it’s a message! Vision says they should wear blue garment and name of some angels on it and wear it for 2 years and I laugh. if you’re going to vigil and you wear red garment , what’s the difference between you and sango? or obatala? Many of you don’t know that when they gave you such vision to sow coloured garment , it’s for you to wear it in your house especially ast night . it’s not for you to be wearing around the street as omo ogun orun so.

Well, maybe one-day I will write on reasons they give you visions to sow red garment , green garments and how to do it and where to wear it so we won’t be walking in ignorance.

I pray that God will open our eyes to see more of Jesus and more of truth .

H.C 357 11s (FE 608) “So fun awon omo Isreal pe ki nwon tesiwaju” – Eks. 14:15 1.

E MA te siwaju, Serafu mimo
Gbe ‘da segun soke s’esu ati ese
Baba Olusegun ti segun fun wa
E ma beru larin ainiye ota
K’a se fe Oluwa, b’ara igbani
On to gbo t’Abrahamu Yio gbo tiwa.

E ma te siwaju, Kerubu mimo
O di jeriko wo nipa orin won
Lati ipa de ‘pa nwon nko ikogun
Tesiwaju larin ainiye egan
K’a se ‘fe Oluwa, b’ara igbani
On to gbo ti Mose, yio gbo tiwa.

Ranti agbara Re niwaju oba ni
Ranti isegun Re ni okun pupa
Owo Awosanmo li osan gangan
Ati owon ina Re fun won l’oru
K’a se fe Oluwa, b’ara igbani
On to gbo ti Joshua, yio gbo ti wa.




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