Kosofe 2021: The Grandmaster – Segun Aka-Bashorun is coming back?

By Dare Glintstone

The race for the Number one seat in Kosofe Local Government has begun with the release of Electoral time-tables across board. Ayotunde Phillips, chair of Lagos State Independence Electoral Commission (LASIEC), said in a statement on Tuesday that the Lagos State government plans to hold its local government council poll in July. 

This announcement has given political actors a push, to re-oil the political machineries and their fan base.

A former Vice-Chairman of Kosofe Local Government Area in Lagos State, Segun Aka-Bashorun is a key member of the ruling party (APC), and also an inner caucus member of APC in Lagos. A democracy advocate who has his legs in sheer activism against injustice and for good governance, anywhere. Segun Aka-Bashorun is not just a name but a force in Kosofe Politics, and Lagos at large. His grassroot politics stances and activism has earned him so much accolades in social circles within and outside Lagos. He seems to have a grown parallel influence away from his father – Mr. Alao Aka-Bashorun. 

With the new developments within the Lagos APC in recent times, Segun Aka-Bashorun seems to be a strong force in Kosofe APC, as his followers are already calling for his sole Chairmanship candidacy in Kosofe for the Lagos LG elections. These calls were done on the backdrops of quality representation and governance associated with him in the past. 

Observing major caucus meetings and groups alignments across the local government seems all talks are going in favour of Segun Aka-Bashorun as the next Candidate for Kosofe APC in the next LG polls.

Other light-weight aspirants in both APC and PDP are jittery already, as Aka-Bashorun’s proposed appearance will abruptly end their chances at the primaries cum polls.
With the demise of Senator Bayo Osinowo –  ‘Peperito’, the new leadership of APC in Kosofe might go for an established name and political figure to fly its flag. Of a truth, amongst the potential aspirants currently parading themselves as the ‘Chosen one’, none is in range of Aka-Bashorun’s pedigree and penchant for excellence.

However, feelers from Aka-Bashorun”s camp suggests he is uninterested in the LG Chairmanship seat. He is more interested in a better and vibrant party that will incubate the next set of transformational leaders. As a figure who doesn’t believe in Godfatherism, one will know that ‘Segun’ won’t dance to the tunes of non-democratic themes.

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In this present case it is a little inaccurate to say I am sure of everything. But I am strongly in favor of common sense, common honesty and common decency. 

The question remains – is Segun Aka-Bashorun running?

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