One day, a man said to Isa, I want to accompany you on your outing.They left together until they came to a river. They sat and started to eat. They had three loaves of bread. They ate two and one remained. Isa, went to the river to drink some water and returned. When he came back, he did not find the third loaf.

He asked the man, where is the third loaf? The man said that he did not know. They continued, until they saw two antelopes, Isa killed one of the antelopes, roasted it, and they ate it together. Then Isa ordered the antelope that had been eaten, saying live! The antelope came back to life and went away.

Then Isa, said to the man, By God who has shown you this miracle, who took that loaf of bread? The man replied, he did not know. They continued until they reached a desert. They sat down, Isa gathered some sand and said by the permission of Allah (SWT), be gold! It became gold.

He divided the gold into three portions. Isa said, one for me, one for you and one for whoever that took that loaf of bread. The man said alright, I took that loaf of bread. Isa said all of the gold is yours. Then he left the man with the gold.

The man encountered two other men in the desert, they wanted to take his gold and kill him. He said, let us divide into three portions. Before dividing it, they sent one of them to the village to buy food. The one who went to buy food, said to himself, why should I let them have portions of this gold? I shall put some poison into the food and kill them.

So, he poisoned the food. The other two said, why should we give a third of this gold to him? When he comes back, let us kill him and divide the rest of the gold between the two of us. When he returned, they attacked him and killed him.Then they ate the poisoned food and died. The gold remained in the desert with the three dead men beside it.

Isa passed by them and saw the situation. He said to his disciples, this is the world, so beware of it.

Ganiyu Oyebanjo
Senior Special Assistant On Religious Matters to Kosofe Local Government Chairman.

Chairmanship Aspirant Kosofe Local Government

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