Why Pantami Must leave that seat ?

Saturday’s Public Discourse with tunji Ajibola

Sometimes, we got to pay very high price for the omission or errors we have committed in the past, even it was innocently made.

We might have even repented , even apologized for the wrong or omission committed, nevertheless we got to pay dearly for the wrong. This position is rooted in different faith practices.

Since the minister never denied making such religious extremist statement, he also has the moral obligations to leave that seat without being told to do so.

The Former Minister of finance with alleged NYSC innocently made error toe that path, she reigned without much ado.

The response and defense of the Presidential Spokesperson does not hold water, Pantami do not denied making such statements , that is sufficient enough.

That he has repented is another premises, which has to be subjected to certain evaluation.

Pantami removal won’t stalls the current transformation in his ministry. It is nauseating to be raising such a defence, for this is a government Institution and not a private enterprises built around individual person.

That, the Telecom company are the one behind pantami ordeal doesn’t fly as well.

Assuming they are the one, they wouldn’t have succeeded , if pantami do not posses this tragic flaws.

After all, the current JAMB Registrar is a renowned Islamic scholar. Since he had resumed office, The Registrar had caused transformation in JAMB, so much that, the affected Organisations or individual would have blown the whistle.


Personally, I share the sentiments of pantami repentance and the rumored that, the Telecom are the one behind his ordeal because of his unfavourable policy against them but nevertheless the fact speak for itself.

Pantami somehow has tendencies towards being extremist . The current JAMB Registrar is my case study of how a very religious person holding a public office should conduct themselves.

Pantami must go, he is too extremist to hold public office , he should try to understudy Professor Ishaq Oloyede, a prominent Islamic scholar . If he still desiring to hold a public office in the future.

Nigeria Shall be Great Again.

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