PDP: How items from South West leader should be handled in Lagos

One of the cardinal objectives and focuses of Governor Makinde is his drive to ensure that our party PDP returns to a winning way across the 5 other South West States. And in his quest to do this, he is working hard to unite all our members, thereby putting in place measures that will enable us attract more and new entrants into the party, as we all know that politics is a game of number.

Social media has been awashed with series of complaints over the sharing of rice and other items donated to Lagos PDP members, which was received on behalf of all by the Southwest Zonal Secretary-elect, Alhaji Ramon Owokoniran.

Alhaji Owokoniran, apart from being an elderly man, he is also a veteran in Lagos politics who deserves all the respect, but who we expect to support the vision of Governor Seyi Makinde’s in uniting our members and not further dividing the party amongst groups lines. However, I am aghast that the secretary despite all his political experience acted irresponsibly or deliberately to frustrate the effort of Governor Makinde in uniting the party with the way and manners the rice was distributed especially amongst his political associates alone.

The allegation that he is sharing the gift he collected to only those loyal to his camp or his followers became rife because the three other members of national and Zonal Excos from Lagos State, the State Executive Committee, Particularly who is saddle with the constitutional responsibility of day to day running of the party in the state were not even carried along. As it were, we have no knowledge of the quantity, or the details of the gift he received on behalf of Our Party.

I believe for the sake of transparency and openness, the other three Zonal Excos and State Executives should have been called and properly briefed, so that we can also give one or two suggestions on how to have a seamless sharing of the gifts to our members in Lagos, without giving room for speculation, or name calling, because it appears that some people are now calling the move a fraud.

What is disturbing the mind is that Zonal Excos held a meeting at Zonal Secretary’s home for over an hour on Friday 23rd April, the Zonal Secretary who presided over the meeting did not mentioned to us at the meeting that he received any gesture/gifts from his Excellency.

My personal expectations were that, a meeting of all State Executives and leaders of note should have been called, then the gift be shared along the party structure.

We all know that what Lagos PDP needs at this time is genuine reconciliation, and closing of ranks, and not anything that will further cause crisis or polarize the party.

I want to thank our South West Apex leader, Governor Seyi Makinde for his consistency and relentless efforts to put the party in proper shape. I remember before the congress, he promised to support Lagos PDP, and he has started it already just immediately after the conclusion of the congress, this alone is re-emphasing His Excellency’s determination to win and we must all support every actions that will bring unity to our party and not what will divide us the more.

Otunba Segun Adewale

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