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Regards of who they are (Muslims or not) rich or poor, white or black, etc, our neighbours have certain rights on us as Muslims.

Three Categories of Neighbours.

In a hadith related by Jabir (RA), the Prophet (saw) said ” There are three kinds of neighbours. Some have three rights, some have two rights and some have one right.

A neighbour who is a Muslim as well as being a relative has three rights; the right of neighborhood, the Islamic right and the right of a relative.

A neighbour who is a Muslim has two rights; the right of neighborhood and the right of Islam. The non Muslim neighbour has only one right, that is the right of a neighbour.


It has been mentioned by our beloved Prophet (saw) that: “I swear in the name of the One in Whose custody is my soul, the rights of neighbours can only be rightly paid by one on whom Allah showers His Mercy. And only a few among you know the rights of neighbours.

The rights of neighbours include: Help them in fulfilling their necessities, give them loans, if they are happy, congratulate them, and if they are sad, share their sorrow, if they are sick, visit them, and if they died, offer funeral prayer for them, and be with them until they are buried.

The Prophet said by Allah he is not a true believer(thrice). He was asked, ” Who? He replied “The one whose neighbours do not feel free secure from his mischief and evil.

Ganiyu Oyebanjo
Senior Special Assistant On Religious Matters to Kosofe Local Government Chairman.

Chairmanship Aspirant Kosofe Local Government

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