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“Just tell Me, if the source of your water becomes dry, who besides Allah, is capable of giving you another source of water? Qur’an 67:30.

Praise be to Allah, our Lord and Cherisher, the Lord of goodness, the Praiseworthy. It is He alone Who provides abundance of water for human consumption. Water is so vital to human existence to the extent that without water, life will be unbearable.

Allah(SWT) made water sufficient for our day-to-day use in such a way that its not in excess that it will give us problems. Our response to the above verse of the glorious Qur’an is none, except Allah alone, the Almighty.

We always show our gratitude to Allah for His mercies over us. Why shouldn’t we be grateful? We might have seen or heard about places where scarcity of water has become their daily headache, as people have to travel to long distances before getting water. We might have seen or heard as well, where excessive water turned to flood, diseases, damages to properties, death and destruction. Indeed, we have to show appreciation to Allah.

Contrary to the practice these days, that people sell water to others, giving water to those in need of it free of charge is an act of charity, which attracts greatest reward from Allah. This is what the Holy Prophet(saw) taught Muslims.

Allah says in the Qur’an: And We send down pure water from the sky. Qur’an 25:48. The Prophet(saw) was reported to have told one of his wives, Aisha(RA), “The day you give water to people out of charity, and especially if it the time when people are in dire need of water, or during the dry season when people are greatly suffering from scarcity of water, you will have the reward of one who sets a slave girl free.

If a person fills a tank with water and puts by the road side for passerby to drink, free of charge, he will have lots of great rewards from Allah; and in addition, Allah will be looking at him twice everyday with the Eyes of mercy.

Ganiyu Oyebanjo
Senior Special Assistant On Religious Matters to Kosofe Local Government Chairman.

Chairmanship Aspirant Kosofe Local Government

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