ENDING VAWG: NASFAT, UNICEF sensitize Youth in Lagos

NASFAT also known as Nasrul-lahi-li Fathi Society of Nigeria incollaboration with UNICEF sensitize Youths on ending violence against women and girls.

The programme tagged ” Youth Sensitization on ending violence against women and girls” was organized by Nasfat Ikorodu Branch, Kasolori Itokin road, yesterday.

The programme was geared towards containing the wide spread of violence against female gender in the society through effective sensitization and awareness campaigns.

The subtopics of the programme; The role of Youth in combating violence against women and girls and fighting violence against women and girls: our collective responsibility as Muslims” was delivered by Mrs. Rahmat Kehinde and Child Protection Network Coordinator, and CPN State scribe, Alhaji Rasheed awofeso.

Speaking at the well attended programme Awofeso highlighted the causes of the anti social ills and the solutions that will help to nip the trend in bud.

He noted to end violence against women and girls must be collective responsibility irregardless of religious, colour, gender and social standing.

He urged the gatherings and community at large to speak up and act accordingly whenever they see Child predators in their respective community for apt punishment through the Lagos State family Court to serve as deterrence to others.

Highlights of Awofeso’s presentation.

Family background: – Children that grew up in a violent environment may see violence as a way of life.

Drugs abuse: – sexual and other violence may be done after intakes of hard substance e.g cocaine, codeine, cracks & Alcohol.

Weak legislation:- inability of judiciary to jail offenders Environment- the place of living sometimes dictates the type of behavior to be exhibited by such persons.

Peer pressure:- We saw recently the secondary school girl’s students that were caught taken Shisha. It went viral and was subsequently caught. Am sure by now they will be regretting their action.


To report cases of abuse to police
Avoid walking in isolated & odd hours
Adequate parental guidiance


To give adequate protection on all children
To provide for basic needs of the children
To teach their children morals & equally be a role models
Show genuine love to the children & make them our friends.


Be a whistle blower by giving report of abuse to government
Carry out sensitization exercise at all meeting at the palace.
Serve as mediators among aggrieved family.

To make arrest and prosecute offenders of abuse to serve as detterent to others.

Hold periodic meeting with community people / PCRC

Awareness & sensitization through media Inclusion of safeguarding policy in the school curriculum

Put in place adequate law to punish the violators or offenders.

CHILDREN: Avoid soliciting for material items from adults of opposite sex, buy me Android phone, come an celebrate my birthday for me

Avoid walking at odd hours/ in isolated areas.

Avoid keeping bad group.

Avoid peer pressureReport any bad intention proposed to you to by any adults to your parents.

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