Allah elevated Luqman the wise due to his wisdom. When a man who used to know Luqman before he was given wisdom by Allah said, “Are you not the slave of so-and-so, who used to herd sheep not long ago? Luqman said, ” Yes.

The man said, “So what happened to you, to account for that which I now see? Luqman said, ‘The decree of Allah is what is happening,
because of the fulfilment of trusts, honesty in speech and leaving that which does not concern me”.

One day, Luqman’s master ordered him to slaughter a sheep and bring its two best organs. Luqman slaughtered the sheep and brought the tongue and the heart. Luqman’s master then asked him to bring the two worst organs.

So Luqman brought the tongue and the heart again. The master asked, ” What is this? Luqman replied, “The tongue and the heart are the best organs if the owner is righteous. If the owner is evil, the heart and the tongue are the most wicked organ.

Ganiyu Oyebanjo
Senior Special Assistant On Religious Matters to Kosofe Local Government Chairman.

Chairmanship Aspirant Kosofe Local Government

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