….He will live up to expectations

Japhet Ogunniyi.

As it is in the time of John the Baptist, in the midst of confusion and forlorn hope it brings, all wait patiently asking “Are you he who is to come or shall we look for another? “
Lo and behold, methodically, in tandem and compliance with due process of consultations and putting all necessary finishing touches, Logun Oyekunle Jegede, like a snail out of its shell, come forward to slug it out with others.

One may ask, is this another hagiography? Certainly not but an eye witness account otherwise known as the first person narrative, I am writing not to praise or eulogise, but to lay bare for public attention, information and retention so as to guide and make a choice.

It is said, build to last might have been a popular mantra but build to adapt to suit the prevailing circumstances and situation could and should be the way to go.
Else, one can be left with a choluteca bridge. A superb bridge over nothing. To no where.

Therefore, according to a popular Igbo proverb, let the eagle perch and let the hawk perch; if one says the other should not perch, let its wings wither. Yes, I am writing not to praise Olori Omo Oba Jegede for he is a star whose candle is lit already and does not like unrestrained romance with vanities of life. For Loogun Sunday Oyekunle Jegede, the menu at the devil’s shrine is a mere addition for the dog already has provision for his outing.

Here is a man who has paid his dues. In the usual parlance, he rise through the rank. He did not skip a step of his political ladder. And like a dutiful apprentice, he patiently and painstakingly learn the rudiments of politics and politicking. The modest political height he has attained so far is purely merit based. Loogun Jegede it was who led the train of pioneer contestants for party offices sensitizing and campaigning across the length and breadth of zones in the old ward F of Kosofe LGA which led to the emergence of the first recognised Exco of the party -AD in which my Oga, yes, master and benefactor at the time, ABK Afolabi and the late Elder Bisi Banjo (God bless his memory) emerged the Secretary and the Chairman respectively.

No doubt, perfection belongs to God Almighty, our creator, and it is as a result of this that Olori Omo Oba Jegede may have his shortcomings like all mortals but who are we to judge and who is fit and perfect enough to cast the first stone?
The little I know about Olori Omo Oba Jegede will unhesitatingly attest that he is like a finished product, that has gone through the process of manufacturing. Certainly not a run off the mill. He has not in any way been affected with the usual bug of arrogance and immodesty common to many whose palm kernel were cracked by a benevolent spirit. Jegede still relate very well with many of his colleagues, always very sensitive when dealing with them.

Indeed, there are contestants and there are contestants, all credible with shinning credentials and respectable personalities. However, I dare say, in my own estimation, however subjective it may appears, Olori Omo Oba Jegede, Sunday Oyekunle is in a class of his own with good human relations, patience and quality required to manage people. Yes, good human relations is one unique selling point that stands him out among others. Therefore, it is worth looking in the direction of one that possesses this essential ingredient, nay, a major qualifying factor to occupy the ‘hot seat’ of a council helmsman.

Oyekunle Jegede is not difficult to manage, control or advise but also not a ‘dummy’ that will not query rationale or otherwise of advice, control or suggestions but once convinced especially where majority wishes and opinion is involved, he will not hesitate raising his hands in defeat, nay, submission to good reason and superior argument. Political propaganda apart, in deed and in truth, this is a correct reflection of our aspiring Chairman to the local government Council seat of Ikosi Isheri.

If there are infractions or scores to settle with any individual or groups since differences is a major unavoidable aspect of party politics, Oyekunle Jegede forgives easily and does not keep malice. He is a good example of a Christian, nay, Baptist denomination, who preaches and practices the biblical admonition and injunction of not allowing sun to set before your anger evaporates.

Loogun Jegede, a square peg in a square hole, Chairman of Chairmen, Lagos East Senatorial District will no doubt fill the vacuum and gap of weariness that has kept many far away from party politics.

Like an old wine, I’m sure he will continue to get better. Now that he aspires to another public position with challenges that requires certain attributes and qualities, he is no doubt treading a familiar terrain.

Beyond provision of infrastructure and its ancillary, ability and expertise to manage the public, nay, the people, is one indispensable asset that is embedded in Omo Oba Jegede.

Therefore, in choosing from the array of contestants, we should avoid an act or conduct that can be likened to selling the sun to buy a candle.


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