Controversies over APC Ikosi Isheri LCDA Chairmanship candidates

The Ikosi Isheri Local Council Development Area race has been further reduced to two Horses race between Samiat Bada, and Loogun Oyekunle Jegede as seven other candidates pull back from the race.

As far as the forthcoming Local Government election is concerned its only candidates of All Progresives Congress that emerged unopposed that could go to bed with two eyes closed. However, areas where the primary election was not conducted may not be so lucky.

For instance, Princess Samiat Bada, the Executive Chairman of Ikosi Isheri LCDA, who is also a contestant claimed they held a peaceful election while her main rival Loogun Oyekunle Jegede insisted no primary election took place.

In the centre of these arguments and counter arguments, few days after, Samiat name was announced as APC Chairmanship candidate for Ikosi Isheri, a development that did not go down well with some party aspirants and members in the local government.

Some keen political watchers said her name was submitted to Lagos State Independent Electoral Commission to beat the Commission candidates name submission deadline.

While aggrieved aspirants petitions were being treated by the APC appeal panel committee, who recently concluded it’s assignment.

The full report of the panel details is yet to be made known to the public.

However, the Lawal Pedro, SAN led committe urged the party to adopt consensus among the stakeholders in areas where election did not take place.


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One of the contestant in person of Omoba Adeyinka Oyediran, who initially distanced himself from the adoption of Loogun as consensus candidate. However, The petition sent to APC Appeal panel along five others and reports in the media (not this medium) reaveled he has since thrown his weight behind the choice of Loogun.

Meanwhile, the incumbent Chairman, Samiat Bada has no clear endorsement among the remaining two contestants, Bola Kareem and Toyin Balogun. Although, before the screening Bola opt out of the race through a letter she submitted to the state screening committee and she was not clear to participate in the primary election held on May 29.

Presently, the contest is two Horses race between Samiat, and Loogun.

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