ILE ILE BUS STOP: Newspapers Free Readers Association Headquarters in Kosofe

By Bilesanmi Abayomi

Like MTN slogan everywhere you go. likewise in Nigeria or this is Nigeria in falz world, We have Free Newspapers readers association everywhere you go in the 774 Local governments and their sister, local council development areas in Nigeria, people popularly known as ” Free Readers” gather every morning to read newspapers free of charge at newspapers stand in our community , or our city.

Readers, took daily reading religiously like the early mass or the call to early morning prayers to read and discuss socioeconomic and political developments.

While some went there to read about job advert or sport news to confirm their luck with the made in kosofe Nigeria’a leading online and offline sport betting games, Bet9ja; reducing poverty and hunger in Nigeria through redistribution of wealth to both the poor and the rich. Because the rich also shed bucket of tears. Though at some of these spots few vendors charges between 20 to 50 Naira for the publics to read beyond the headline pages.

In kosofe, 499, Ikorodu Highway by Ile Ile Bus stop, Ketu, under Ikosi isheri Lcda, Kosofe , Area of Lagos State is the visible and the most popular headquarters of the Nigeria’s Newspapers Free Readers Association, where people assembly per hour.

Kosofe Post, the news of, by and for the people also gathered from Community stakeholders and ambassadors the various newspapers stand inside out Kosofe. The spots include:

  • Olojojo, B/Stop, Oworonshoki
  • New garage Roundabout, Opposite Araromi Playing ground
  • Opposite Festus Keyamo Chambers, Anthony
  • Anthony Road by Faramobi Ajike junction.
  • Anthony under bridge
  • Mende Suya spot.
  • Ogudu Road, opposite, MRS filling station
  • Ogudu Roundabout Opposite, Secretariat.
  • Alapere Estate behind the Alapere police station fence, Estate, Bus Stop
  • Agboyi Road junction, Alapere last Bus Stop.
  • Mile 12, under bridge
  • Demurin Junction Ketu
  • Orisigun , Ile Ile B/stop opposite Polaris Bank
  • CMD road by Eleha junction
  • Shangisha by CMD Road
  • Ketu bus stop in front of stanbic bank
  • The almighty Ile Ile B/Stop

However, ILE ILE BUS STOP, remains the most outstanding and different from other spots after the morning, afternoon meetup they also assemble in the evening.

On December 19, 2019 around 6:50PM in the evening over 50 people were counted clustering around the newstand. When further enquiry was made on the historical spot, a business owner around the place revealed that the FR leaves when the owner closed around 10:00 PM daily. which can not be said of other spots in Kosofe.Odunsi Oladipupo Abdulrahman collaborated the legacy place in his comment, he said:

That Ile Ile bus stop news paper vendor deserves an accolades the man has been hosting a lots of individuals even before the advent of modern day political discussions, if you are core news reader within that environment and you have not been there to deliberate on political, Sports and government issues, you are definitely new to ketu axis.

ILE ILE News Hub, is a unique spot where readers gathered to disagree to agree on public discourse without any traces of any pocket size alcohol beverages sachets intake by the members as observed by Kosofe Post. Quantum of abstract developing stories about your community, city and Nigeria newsworthy lead can be decrypted and humanize for the general public benefits.

Behind the newstand is Asmaya Suya spot, you can’t judge a content of a container by mere looking at the container nor determine a well garnished and seasoned barbeque by observations or perceiving the smell at Mende or Asmaya Suya Spot until you taste it.

Give Asmaya Suya Spot a trial whether as a member of the free readers or member of the general public whenever you visit Ile Ile B/stop and share your experience.

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