I’m so happy to read Kosofe Post everyday- Rokka

By Bilesanmi Abayomi

Marketta Rokka, based & working in Sweden as an professional artist and a prographer. She is one of the several thousands of Kosofe Post followers from across the globe.

Though hail from Finland but presently working in an amazing island with a name Fuerteventura. She love traveling to different countries around the world to mingle, share and meet new friends.

She is one of the numerous active Kosofe Post readers that either read, like, comment or share our daily hyper local stories.

In Rokka’s brief private message to Kosofe Post on December 29, 2019 afternoon when the heat liberated by the sun can boil an egg was at the required temperature in Nigeria. She wrote”

Happy last Sunday of the 2019. I am so happy to read your magazine Kosofe Post every day, very interesting. Really appreciate”

She is the latest among hundreds of readers. More importantly, a global citizen that expressly commended Kosofe Post media outfit without any prior deep engagement or conversations she has been following us.

Kosofe Post, Marketta Rokka, thank you for been one of our global followers and your commendation comments devoid of undertune statement are highly appreciated by Kosofe Post media crew.

As a global tourist ambassador we look forward to welcoming you in Nigeria to enjoy abundant wonderful experience whenever you chose to do so.