Opinion divided over who Should succeed late Sen. Adebayo Osinowo from Kosofe

Reactions trailing the article titled ” Gbenga Ashafa may Speak for Lagos East Again if” revealed that opinion is sharply divided over who should succeed late Sen. Adebayo Osinowo, representing Lagos East at Upper Chamber of National Assembly from his political base, Kosofe.

Osinowo, died on Monday, June 15, 2020 after a brief illness , few days later battle for his successor kick-started privately by some of the gladiators according to various web communication channels monitored by Kosofe Post.

Some are of the opinion that Former Sen. Gbenga Ashafa (Kosofe resident), who was denied his third term ticket after the implied agreement should be considered for replacement.

Another school of thought said his only son, a medical practitioners, Dr. Rabiu Babatunde Osinowo should serve out his well beloved and departed father tenure.

Others, insisted that a substitute from Kosofe must complete his tenure ( Kosofe follow up report soon).

While others feels it shouldn’t be same of the same and more of the same to replace the Senate

Kosofe Post Facebook Screenshot reactions reactions

Tunde Collins Davies: ” There will be no block votes for any party there. Those available cannot garner votes like Peperito did, that’s another critical area to look at. That axis is so wounded that those who should help will just watch. They want emancipation too.

Awofeso Rasheed:” No lacuna in governance. The vacuum must be filled as dictated by the law. Quite sad we lost our.”

Aina Akindele Oyebanji: ” I am not a member of any political party but if I should support a candidate to contest for this bye election it should be Bush Alebiosu(Jnr)he did his best as a MHR.”

Olusola Emmanuel Adedayo:” Aina Akindele Oyebanji I’m a member of justice forum where d-bush came from but I’m objective in my political analysis. D-bush didn’t perform in his 2 tenure as rep. I’ll prefer a new face.”

Otunba Rasaq Ambali:” I believe the party did primary and the late senator emerged as party flag bearer. Who is next to him? The person next to him in primary should go for bye election after all it was a direct primary where all members participated”.

Hon. Ebenezer Ayomide Olatunji: ” They should find another person must it be him. why is it always the same set of people.”

Michael Adedoyin Adebowale:” Kosofe must be given its slot back. Ashafa never did anything noteworthy when he

Olusola Emmanuel Adedayo:” Another person should be used. He had served 2-term, that’s ok. D baton should go to another person.”

Prince Ojudayi Bola:” Otunba Rasaq Ambali ambode is not loyal and no APC trusted him any more, Ashafa completed his 8yrs as Lagos east senator while Ambode, Ashafa and ikuforiji came from the same axis, be expecting somebody from kosofe LG or ikorodu LG like R.o.t Agunsoye, Benson and many more.

Otunba Rasaq Ambali:” Prince Ojudayi Bola Ambode has done well in term of governance but not a party man and believe he has learnt his lesson in a hard way to be a party man. Let’s leave those in house of rep to finish their tenure and look for other candidates.”

Opomulero Olayiwola Sulyman: ” I see the APC winning with a wide margin to pretend there is no crisis rocking the ship of PDP in Kosofe and two other Lg that make up the Lagos east constituency is to be living in self deceit. Acting kangaroo unity now won’t work.

Exactly what I have being saying, when Oyefusi lost the election, was she on ground to try bring warring parties together towards the next 4 years? now that death have reduce 4 year plan to few days plan, do we expect a magic? so many indices will still work in favor of the APC. The PDP still don’t the game at all, they keep believing the people are tired of APC.

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