Random Brainwave With Baba Karamo

Dare Lasisi, a former Commonwealth Journalist writes from the UK University of the year, University of Strathclyde, Faculty of Science, Department of Computer & Information Sciences, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom.

The COVID-19 pandemic has just exposed the hypocrisy and fake lifestyles of two sets of highly-respected people in this world (or let’s just say in Nigeria/Africa!).

This crisis is more than enough to reset the brains of all human beings, enough to provoke the “conscience” of Nigerian politicians to invest more in the health sectors.

It is also a strong reminder that nobody is above or below death. We are all visitors to this sinful world.

Firstly, all the so-called “anointed” religious people with Almighty God’s direct mobile phone number are just similar to the frustrated toothless bulldogs. Please look around you now.

For over 3 months, the whole world was shut down because of this faceless virus. Where are the original prayer warriors, true believers, and “prophets” of God? Let me stop there.

Secondly, all the hypocritical “rich” people are a bunch of “empty” barrels because many of them failed to assist financially-disadvantaged people during this crisis.

Kudos to many kind people who assisted fellow human beings during this crisis. I am a full-time student, not yet a rich person but I touched many souls (total strangers!) on this Facebook.

I even emptied my bank accounts(UK and Nigeria) to assist selected Facebook friends. GOD IS MY WITNESS. This is not about blowing one’s trumpet to provoke haters to drink hot acid or bang heads on Olumo rock but to encourage fellow human beings to

assist people around them because this life is vanity upon vanity. Where is Bashorun MKO Abiola today?

One trusted Facebook friend recently told me how he went to his “rich” uncle’s mansion in Ikeja Lagos during this COVID-19 lockdown to ask for money to feed his wife and 2 children.

To cut the long story short, this uncle(Baba Olowo) cannot even drop token N2000 as transport fare for this Facebook friend. Baba Olowo claimed he had no money in his bank accounts. He even said, “Enu gbe”. Which mouth dry sef?

God used me to send N10,000 to this man without meeting him in real life despite my own financial challenges as a student. I can give several examples but not important right now.

The act of giving is in-built, natural instinct, and not what you can buy in any supermarket. If you’re stingy, you’re stingy and if you’re generous(even with little resources), you’re generous.

I was away from Facebook for about 8 days, as I re-opened my inbox messages some days ago, several “pathetic” stories of hunger and starvation as if Nigerians voted for me in 2015 and 2019, as if I am the “richest” Nigerian citizen in the United Kingdom. I also need HELP. No shame to say it openly!

Some weeks ago, one brilliant Nigerian youth requested for money to apply for a Nigerian passport, I linked him to somebody who later dropped money for him. I did not even remember this kind act again until the young man sent me the photographs of the newly-acquired passport some days ago. He prayed for me and I claimed all his adura!

Why this long story instead of facing my thesis research?Time to go offline to face my project. Facebook is not paying my salaries, I am the “Baba Alaanu” sharing free money on Facebook. Ka sa ma se daada.Tanimola anybody?

I always pray for longevity (not afraid of death!) in good health, abundant wealth, peace of mind, and wisdom but if death comes any time, my kindness and generosity for total strangers on this social media platform are more than enough to negotiate my paradise in front my Creator! Bo se wa ni yen.

I am a trusted symbol of knowledge in many hearts both online and offline, even my braindead haters cannot deny this raw truth. Ko ju be lo.

Plenty of words no go full basket.Make I go offline again to face my thesis research since I never sabi the other “Yahoo-Yahoo” way to make big money except through “Iwe Kika”. Aye mojuba oo! Aye o ni mu gbogbo wa oooo. #ASEYORI2020 na serious matter oooo! *SAI BABA KARAMO!

P.S : 1. All the land sellers in Nigeria selling a plot of land to 5 different people to cause confusion. Do they fear their last day on earth? And if the truth is discovered, requesting for extra money to settle the matter despite your foundation and blocks on the sold land. Stories go plenty on judgment day oooo!

  1. All the shameless men deceiving innocent ladies up and down, just to see the colour of their pants and bras without any strong plan to marry any of them or maybe look after their babies. I pray the same sh*t must surely happen to their daughters unless they repent now! Before you start any relationship, you must have an agreement. Enough of this rubbish lifestyle! Don’t create extra problems for society.
  2. All the cheap blackmailers spreading sh*t lies against fellow human beings both online and offline for whatever reasons, or just mocking “struggling” people around them, but still praying to God for mercy. When will they repent from this nonsense? Sango, the god of thunder must surely locate their home address!

4.Wetin to write again sef?If you dey expect any good news from anywhere, God shall grant them all. You sef, stop your rubbish lifestyle to taste and chop God’s favour. I no go use all mouth talk today.

  1. If you’re still linking the spread of COVID-19 virus to 5G technology up till this moment despite your education and latest updates. Let me advise you as if you’re my blood relation, look for original Aladura pastor to drag you to Lagos bar beach, wash your head with coconut holy water and shout Halleluyah 21 times.

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