Preferred PDP Candidate For Lagos East Bye Election

The National Assembly is yet to set a date to reconvene to continue their legislative duties and Perhaps, Observe a minute silence in honour of the distinguished late Sen. Adebayo Osinowo, who died after a brief illness a week ago, on Monday, June 15, 2020, and declare his seat vacant.

Kosofe Post can confirm that a serious political positioning, consultations, alignment and realignment has been ongoing shortly after his departure between the major Political parties; APC and PDP respectively, on who is suitable to represent Lagos East in the upper chamber.

As monitored the death of the Senator representing the district is also yet to be communicated to the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) to set the ball in motion for a bye election expected to be conducted within 90 days after his death is made known to the commission officially by

National Assembly to prevent lacuna in the legislative Arm of governance.

However, keen political watchers has since expressed their various views on who should fly the party ticket on the platform of the major opposition party, the People’s Democratic Party ( PDP) among the three shortlisted potential candidate below;

Picture 1: Princess Abiodun Oyefusi

Picture 2: Babatunde O. Gbadamosi BOG)

Picture 3: Yeye Adenike Agnes Shobajo on the yet to be fixed bye Election.

Ogunnoiki Oluwaseun Samuel: As regards the opinion poll as who is to be given the PDP ticket for the Lagos east senatorial district rerun. My vote goes for Sen. Princess Abiodun Oyefusi.

Lagos-pdp Bringbackmandate: Princess Abiodun Oyefusi is the answer. She was the one that contested that election in 2019, and we see how she spent her money she wasn’t waiting to get money from party.

Olusola Emmanuel Adedayo:  BOG will be a good candidate if he decided to run. He has cut his teeth in politics having vied for the last Lagos State gubernatorial seat and he’s known for his constructive criticism of issues in lagos state.

Princess Abiodun Oyefusi, though vied for the last SENATORIAL election against the late senator sikiru adebayo osinowo, I don’t see her as a formidable candidate. She only has followership in ikorodu,in which she’s virtually unknown in other LGAs that made up the senatorial district.

I don’t know much about Mrs. Adenike Agnes Shobajo, so I can’t comment on her political clouts and will power.

BOG will be a credible candidate. This is my submission.

K. Ojasugbo

I don’t belong to PDP, but the party stood a better chance of they field 2019 ADP governorship Candidate, Babatunde Gbadamosi, in comparison with two other aspirants for bye election.

The party should analyzed their strength, weakness, opportunity the potential candidates possessed beyond membership line any can and avoid shooting in foot again.

Jimmy Carto: BOG for a competitive race. He is a tried and tested competitor in the political space and his entry into the race should not only spice up the contest but also put the eventual winner on his toes.

Less than 50 words or uncompleted through Kosofe Post inbox and social media responses:

Onome Egbiri : I vote for Princess Oyefusi Abiodun .

Kola Solola : I vote Princess Oyefusi.

Akinlabi Wahab: I stand with Princess Abiodun Oyefusi to be our Senator in Lagos East.

Francis Eze: My prayer for u princess is to join remi tinubu in upper chambers.

Owolabi Sobajo: SOBAJO.

Oshin Bunmi: BOG.

Ibrahim Babatunde Opadeji: BOG.

Oluwole Adewale: BOG.

Tolulope Adebowale: BOG is better for the position if he’s have interest.

Abdul Taofeek Olowu: BOG.

Ayodele Ariyo: BOG.