LAGOS4LAGOS: Yielding positive results with Choice of Candidates For Lagos East Bye-Election

The Lagos4Lagos initiative is a movement reportedly formed by lead Vision Founder, Abdulazeez Olajide Oyediran, fondly called Jandor through the people — orientated agenda, set for the people to decide what they want and how they chose to make it work.

However, the first of its kind, fast growing Political movement across the state, Lagos4Lagos is strongly perceived as diplomatic attempt by APC Chieftain, Olajide to liberate illustrious sons, and daughters of Lagos State suffering from Political marginalization.

Particularly, the Governor, Senator, House of Representatives seats to attain their political height.

Although from time immemorial People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has been fielding indigenous candidates as governorship candidates without recording any success.

It what seems to be positive results from the Lagos4Lagos movement All Progressives Congress (APC), affirmed an Ikorodu, Lagos born candidate, Tokunbo Abiru as the party candidate.

While PDP elected another illustrious son of Ikorodu Babatunde Olalere Gbadamosi as the party candidate.

Previously the Lagos East, West, and Central Senatorial district were all occupied by non Lagosians. With the Choices of Abiru, Gbadamosi to succeed late Senator Adebayo Osinowo has confirmed that the Lagos4Lagos indigent will emerge as the next senator of the district thereby making the movement other agendas easy to unfold.

The group, who shared strong affiliation with APC real goals and impact will be more ascertain in the build up to 2021 Local Government Poll, 2023 general elections.

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