Buhari’s Confused state of affairs; A man synonymous with hardship!

By Lanre Shodimu

Major General Buhari has for decades been in corridors of power, first as Head of State, leading a military junta, and later to be ousted by his colleagues on the basis of incompetence, high-handedness and perennial hardship, in the year 1983 by Gen. Babangida through late Gen. Abacha.

A lot of young people never knew the level of hardship Major Buhari inflicted on the nation then with inflation rising above 16%. Today, by error of commission, Buhari is back at the affairs of things and with more than N30Trillion, as debt already incurred by his administration coupled with the galloping inflation to which the country is currently plunged.

It requires Divine help for Nigerians to survive the hardships associated with this administration.

An administration that cannot balance infrastructural development and livelihood which is akin to our collective survival, needs to be schooled and told that we need to be alive to enjoy his so called infrastructural amenities.

Where taxes are continuously imposed everywhere in the mist of fuel and electricity hikes, coupled with increasing insecurity in the country, this Administration is fast becoming economic disaster and a terror to the citizenry.

Buhari is known to carry a toga and signature of hardship, those who were old enough in the 80s warned some of us and the repercussion is what we daily face.

As things are, it will take Divine intervention to not slide into another economic recession, and of cause the President already has covid 19 pandemic to blame, they are just waiting for it to happen.

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