I am not eyeing Kosofe Chairmanship for now- Ibrahim Mustapha

Honourable Ibrahim Mustapha who served as Councilor and supervisory during the tenure of Former Executive chairman of Kosofe Local Government, Barrister Ademuyiwa Adedeji and, first term of the outgoing current Chairman, Honourable Afolabi Sofola, has stated that he’s not contesting for Kosofe Local Government seat.

In his word, he said, “I’m not Eyeing Kosofe Local Government seat”

“I am yet to decide on kosofe chairmanship race”

Mustapha, unlike four potential candidates, who have launched their campaign organization and themes he has not unveiled anything to know his seriousness. However, multiple sources disclosed that he is eyeing Kosofe Local Government seat.

A source in the Political circle disclosed that, “No groups in APC again but mandate still maintains their group all the aspirants we all hearing now are from their group, Justice Forum are still coming up to join the race as well.”

He further added, ”Because JF group obey party directives. From rumour, I heard not a real news Honourable Ibrahim Mustapha may join the race.”

When contacted by Kosofe Post, over his speculated ambition Ibrahim said, “He doesn’t know where people are getting the information from.”

He stated that the election is still next year April, and that he still has lots of time to do his proper consultations and make his ambition known. But for now, there is nothing of such but when things change, he will announce publicly.

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