Office Holders Must be time conscious in Nigeria — Arisekola

The Publisher of The Street Journal Magazine, President Of Association of Online Media Practitioners of Nigeria (AMPON) Mr. Wole Arisekola, admonished Office Holders to be time conscious in Nigeria like their counterparts in developed countries.

In his statement, Wole Said “There is something great about schooling in Republic of Ireland. They will teach you on how to organize yourself (To-do list).”

I think our schools in Nigeria should emulate this as well.

It is only in Nigeria that the State Governor will give you appointment and keep you waiting for hours.

Arisekola’s, who total frown at attitude of public office holders in Nigeria, who have penchant for keeping visitors waiting endlessly at the time of visitation after confirming an earlier appointment. Noted further,

“If we can’t organize ourselves, how can we organize our country. Most of the people we vote into power are not fit to be in such positions.”

We always overrated people above their competence.

“Maybe, we should start sending our leaders abroad to study capacity building training”, the publisher suggested.

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