Never Judge a Book by its Cover

LEFT: Second Left Senator David Lyon, and family.

Meeting him, you will easily mistake him for an ordinary person on the street. Yet, he is the new rising star of the Niger Delta.
When you move closer to him, you will definitely understand and appreciate why he is overwhelmingly loved by his people.

His Excellency, Governor David Lyon is a man of few words , a gentleman per excellence and a self-made achiver who rose to prominence by the special grace of God.

Not many people will comprehend what God has deposited in the life of this gentleman; a man of few words, yet full of God’s wisdom.

In the last gubernatorial election in Balyesa State, he defeated the anointed candidate of the then incumbent governor of his state. But as fate would have it, the unexpected happened. The Supreme Court in its landmark judgement stopped him few minutes before he could be sworn in as the governor of the state.

It has never happened in the history of Nigeria. His supporters and friends wanted to take to the streets. He politely calmed them down and told them to consider it as the wish of God.

David Lyon did not kill himself or blame his running mate for what happened to him.

Another lesson that people always learn from Chief David Lyon is his ability to forget and forgive people who did him wrong.
He said “my first prayer in the morning is to ask for forgiveness of my sins from God as I forgive people who sin against me”.

He never holds grudges against anyone. When President Buhari announced his name as a South South Deputy chairman of the All Progressives Congress,
his people applauded it as a right peg in a round hole.

Not a few observers believe that Chief David Lyon is a product of God’s establishment that no enemy can uproot.
Coming from a humble background made him work assiduously to make it to the top.
His belief in God is unwavering and that forms a major part of his success story. That belief gives him the assurance that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Wole Arisekola writes from Ibadan.

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