Reactions trail Court Order Stopping CDAs from Forcing Firm, Residents to pay dues

The Punch reported that the Federal High Court in Lagos restrained the Registered Trustee of Gbagada Phase 2 Residents’ Association from coercing an engineering firm with its Head office in the state to join the residents’ association and pay dues.

Justice Nicholas Oweibo made the pronouncement on Friday, September 25,200.

The court judgement in favour of the firm against the CDAs has since generated reactions from Community Development Associations, Community Development Committee, and residents who are stakeholders in community developments.

Former General Secretary of Kosofe CDC, Alhaji Rasheed Awofeso in his reaction said:

“ Its may be interpreted as miscarriage of judgement. How will CDAs discharge their developmental projects especially now that government has enormous tasks. Its an aberration of laws that supports formation of CDAs, it’s imminent that more communities may be pruned to insecurity, threat to lives and

property. Money is the blood veins of any organization. Now that the recent judgement on Gbagada phase 2 saga may turn CDAs purses into dried desert.

Also, An Executive member of one of the CDA’s in Mende Maryland, Kosofe, Adewale Adenuga in his long expository comment said:

“I think funding CDA’s should be optional for individuals and corporate organization. However, with sense of belonging, persuasion and seeing what the executives of the associations are doing with the little resources they have, organizations, people who hitherto are not paying can start donating millions of naira

to support infrastructural development in their areas and not forcing them to pay. The court is in right direction. The Nigeria constitution guaranteed the security and welfare of the people to the government and not the CDA’s.

“The participation of members of the public and corporate organization to the CDAs should be optional in order to guarantee freedom of association of the citizens of Nigeria. The local government should give

certain percentage of what they collect from organizations and people from the community to each CDA’s to help them pay for security personnel in their respective areas.

“I have been involved in an association executives in the past and when I joined was when the association was not functioning at all and people were unwilling to pay including firms within our community.

“I was given the mandate to talk and appeal to them to pay. Within months, millions of naira was realized and people started paying up till today. I made sure that all resources goes to the association bank and not going to individuals.

“When people see accountability, transparency and financial prudence, they will surely pay their dues. You do not need to force people to pay or lock them outside because they refuse to pay.

“I have seen a case where I talked to organizations and individuals who refused to pay for over 4 years of association dues, I talked to them, and they pay all their dues in the bank and get their receipts of payment.

I also ensure that end of the year financial accounts are done every year and given to residents for accountability and transparency,” Adewale concluded.

Community Development Associations is the fourth tier of Government providing Succour to their various Communities through self funded programmes and projects executed and implemented through membership monthly dues the Court during the week Ordered CDAs should not force stakeholders to pay.