#USAElection2020: Lessons Nigerians Must learn from the Septuagenarian Candidates ahead of 2023

Bilesanmi Abayomi

The keenly contested United States of America 2020 Election between the nominee of the Democratic and the Republican Party, Joe Bidden and the incumbent president Jonathan Trump in that order was not centered on regionalism, tribalism, religious and age.

Trump (74) Bidden(77)

Bidden(77), Trump (74) this age points out that leadership is not by age, colour, size and tongue. Most especially, when two Nigerian- American citizens won an election into the House of Representatives in the USA election 2020.

The young prepared Nigerians, better known in the Local parlance at Soro Soke Generation must take these developments In the USA as we modelled our democracy by focusing more on local government chairmanship, councillorship, House of Assembly, House of Representatives, Senate and Governorship seat among others.

After sizeable number of them wins above positions in 2023. They can then build on it and aim for presidential seat in 2027. Let the truth be said the generation off the mic today’s was once soro soke generation yesterday’s.

We have few youths in the past and the present government occupying political office, who have disappointed their contemporaries and country as a whole. However, we can not throw away the baby with the bath water.

More so, in governance the shortcomings of the young Nigerians is incomparable with the old generation who are currently on subtly propaganda and blackmailing the young ones in the name of rested endsars protest in order to perpetuate themselves in the corridor of power for life.

The aggressive critical lives saving mission of Nigerians youths embarked on recently and its sustainability initiatives is highly commendable geared towards making governments institutions work according to the laws and put an end to bad governance and further demonstrate that youth are not longer leaders of

tomorrow’s but today’s leader with transparency and accountability as their core values as seen with the protests in the 12 days peaceful Protests devoid of attacks and violence.

As far as records as shown before the emergency curfew was imposed, the looting, arson, destruction of lives and properties can not be attributed to the protesters.

The wanton destruction were caused by untamed demographic of the society; thugs, hoodlums Governments allowed to terrorise the state over the years unchecked. More importantly, the Military intervention allegedly requested by Gov. Babajide Sanwoolu escalated the black Thursday and aftermath.

The young Nigerians have awakened their contemporaries in the major political parties to retooled their commitment and loyalty to the country before any affiliations. It also helped to alert the Politicians that it won’t be business as usual come 2023.

The success of the Protest prompted the Political kingmakers and Godfathers to wear their thinking cap to proffer solutions on how young Nigerians’ participation in an elective positions beyond the errand or rubber stamp Councillorship positions can be increased geometrically ahead of 2023 to prevent further wrath’s of generation next.

The most interesting and brilliant outcomes of the weekend Zoom meeting by ‘we Move Naija Movement’, a group advocating for the sociopolitical in conclusion of the Youths in Governance the advised that Youths should join any party of their choice rather than forming a new party.

Beyond Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and All Progressives Congress (APC). Young Nigerians, agitations has presented another golden opportunity to over 80 registered mushrooms political parties in Nigeria to merge into one party to prove the long heard notion that they were created solely for Election time to make

quick money from the major parties without aiming to win any elective seat then recoiled back for another 4 years.

Based on experience the youths should not just join political parties one year to the general elections according to Johnny Walker and I quoted: “The Journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Else the efforts of the young prepared Nigerians will amount to academic Exercise or self defeatism. They should be implored to join Political party’s in their ward, LGA, state, Zonal Congresses and National Convention to participate in this critical aspect that can make or Mar their future ambition which is called party structure.

The success of Youth in 2023 so many lies on the number of principal office positions they occupied after the ward Congresses because that’s where the main Election starts from. They must think beyond party Youth leader and Secretaryship positions.

Sometimes the degree of poverty and hunger among the grassroot politicians who determine Party’s Candidates can make them compromise competency and capable candidates on the altar of blind commitment and loyalty or Yellow Envelopes.

Young Nigerians should concentrate on their population advantage and formed interparty forum to reach a common consensus. One of such should be if Party A- failed to present young candidate for B- Position, then Party P- who presented young candidate for B position should be votes enMass.

Also, if Party P- failed to present a young candidate for B- Position, then Party A- who presented a young candidate for B position with the right credentials should vote en masse. Without instigating sorrow, tears and blood, this is a non-violence approach Nigeria Youths can adapt to take their rightful positions

gradually and play down the issue of age that’s not in tandem with the Nigeria’s constitution and the Electoral laws because both Power and success are not served Alarte Carte.

In conclusion, on 2023 Presidential election Nigerians youths should jettison the narratives of pegging presidential candidate age to 50 or 60, if developed countries parades president candidates of age 70 to 80, beyond sentiment and emotion nothing stops Nigeria’s from having presidential Nominee beyond the

age of 60, who is mentally and physically fit.

Young people should focus their calorie of energy, time and resources on consolidating on continuous voters registration in the first quarter of 2020, voters education, population strength, interparty forum and be part of the core Party system by joining and attending ward meetings and Governance activities.

For instance, in Lagos they should start with 2021 Chairmanship race and 2023 general elections

with the state Assembly, House of Representatives senate and Governorship positions.

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