Social Media Bill: I was a victim of fake news, Ex- SUG President Polytechnic Ibadan, Esho Tosin

Ex- Student Union President; Polytechnic Ibadan, Esho Joseph Tosin.

Few years ago, I was elected as the student Union President of the great polytechnic Ibadan, immediately I was sworn-in with other members of my cabinet, the union activities began and alot of terrible things happened particularly to me. The unexpected came up.

My political opponent came up with so many fake news to tarnish my name which almost put my name in the mud and cost my life. It would not have been a terrible thing only if the fake news end at the door step

of the initiators, my opponent but unfortunately so many people were sharing the news as well without proper verification to know if it’s true or not.

I am going to highlight some of the fake news that was spread about me through social media:

They said I was rusticated from school. My answer to this is, how can a rusticated student serve. I did my NYSC at the right time I was supposed to.

They said I embezzled money. And up till this moment they have not dragged me to any court of law. The school management has the responsibility of auditing account of the union after the end of every regime. The union account of my regime was audited without finding me wanted.

They said I was arrested by EFCC. The day I saw this news on the internet, I was shocked because I was never being arrested by EFCC. EFCC or ICPC never invited me to their office.

They said I now have so many cars with different houses. This is nothing but lies just to tarnished my name. All this things were put on social media just to tarnished my name. And it is unfortunately that people tend to believe what they see on social media than any other things without verification.

I have actually put up this write-up to let people understand that fake news is real and we should verify whatever information we see on social media before sharing it whether it’s about individual or group of individuals.

Fake news destroy people’s name and reputation.

Everyone should take it upon themselves to verify news before sharing it. It’s very necessary. Fake news usually go far than the truth that’s why we should be very careful before sharing any news because when

the truth comes out it may not get to everyone again and to remove the stain from the person image would be a very difficult thing.

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