2021 Kosofe Poll: Everybody has constitutional rights to contest says Honourable Ibrahim Mustapha

A Chieftain of All Progressive Congress, Kosofe Chapter, Honourable Ibrahim Mustapha, in a media chat with Kosofe Post disclosed that everybody have constitutional rights to contest.

As the Local Government election draws near in Lagos State, he disclosed Political development during a follow-up interview.

“My view on local government election still stands as known to me and you.

“Everybody has the constitutional rights to contest, so the issue of am I qualified does not exist once you have the required qualifications but like I keep saying you can never tell, in politics a week is like eternity”, he said.

Speaking on the unity and harmony among Political gladiators in Kosofe he stated that” No more Justice forum or mandate, we are all on the same page. One united family ,that’s why we were able to pull through at the last bye election despite the endsars protest targeted at our leaders”.

He further shared his views on December 2020 Bye-Elections which was characterized by voters apathy and on how electorates participation can be improved ahead of the 2021 forthcoming Local Government election.

He noted that the councillor should be a local boy or man that listen and move around with his people, saying there are different cases where you hardly see your council chairman or even the vice chairman when issues arise.

Furthermore, he disclosed that representatives at the Local government should be seen as the next door neighbours one can discuss freely with.

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