PDP Southwest crisis and 2021 Lagos Local government Poll

The crisis rocking the Southwest leadership of the people’s Democratic Party, PDP may repeat a similar scenario where the party was polarized ahead of the July 2017 Local government Poll in Lagos.

Post 2015 general elections and ward, LGA, state Congresses and National Convention crisis linger for over two years until Supreme court landmark judgement put an end to the retrogressive tendency of the alleged APC mole National Chairman of PDP, Modu sheriff’s, who has since found his way back to the ruling Party.

Although, with or without the then rested Zonal or National crisis in the party. Peace, unity and progress has been very far away from Lagos State chapter of the party since 1999 and the proofs are abundant in the public domains.

Rather than for the party to put its strength together and work harmoniously for total victory during the 2017 local poll. However, worked at Cross purposes. Some Members contested on PDP platform while some on Labour Party. The outcomes of the election was colossal failure.

The unresolved crisis further contributed to the poor outing of the party 2019 gubernatorial candidate, Jimi Agbaje.

As a result of poor conflicts management system, the party has continued to change state Chairmen at will between 2015 and 2021. Some Chairmen under review include Captain Tunji shelle, Aeroland, Moshood Salvador, Welly Hassan, Dominic agboola and Deji Doherty respectively.

Deji Doherty, the current state chairman despite the fact that he was a product of Luggard politics he has never been spared of the back to back dirty pig fight that characterized the tenure of his predecessors.

As it’s now, PDP seems to be more engrossed with the forth coming state, zonal Congress and National Convention than the fast approaching Local government election in the State.

Chairmanship and Councilorship aspirants on the platform of the party must consider the unresolved crisis, depleted membership base and lack of logistical support for Local government election execution, purposeful leadership among before running on the party platform to prevent losing unrefundable hard-earned resources.

If the above highlights were difficult to recollect, then the Lagos East Senatorial District and Kosofe Constituency Bye-Elections held last December woeful performance is still very fresh.

The best acceptable Chairmanship and Councilorship candidates if presented like Babatunde Gbadamosi, who was the best material as at the time of last Bye-Election election may also lose the local poll because the party structure was in shambles with zero membership contact and mobilization drive.

Residents of Lagos State might not be totally pleased with some of All Progressives Congress Local government Chairmen Administration.

However, PDP has not shown that they are better prepared and alternative to the Electorates at the grassroots as keenly monitored.

In summary, what the gladiators in PDP Lagos State seems to be prepared for is how to hijack the party structure and delegates in the forthcoming state Congress to position themselves for 2023 general elections Political patronage and management of election funds not landslide victory in any election.

About 5 months to Local government election in Lagos State do you see PDP given APC a run for their money?

Do you think Lagos State PDP under the leadership of Chief Olabode George is progressing or retrogressing?

Can opposition parties win chairmanship election conducted by the state Lagos State independent Electoral Commission?