Gov Sanwoolu needs to ban Okada asap or he should forget about my vote in 2023, says Kasalabaro

Okebadan: How can I defend my friends in public?

Kosalabaro: Someone else’s enemy might be your helper, be careful how you fight battles that are not yours.

Okebadan: Where is the YEN currency from China they promised us?

Kosalabaro: Iro Po, Iro Po ( lie lie Party, characteristics of Rare) 😝

Kosalabaro: I’m worried for President Buhari. You may not understand why some small Nigerians like me have to worry for the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Okebadan: Arsenal FC is the rightful owner of Emirate Stadium.

Kosalabaro: Have you seen the new pump price of petrol? Gov Bala Mohammed’s approval of AK-47 for herdsmen? The near-sudden collapse of our electricity?

Okebadan: New Iyalaje of Ibadan will be installed in Ibadan soon.

Kosalabaro: Everybody has seen the new fuel price but that is Buhari and APC’s matter. It was Jonathan’s headache this time seven years ago but now it has become an APC matter and we will all start shouting Buhari’s name as from Monday.

Okebadan: Three school children abducted in Lagos were released a few hours ago.

Kosalabaro: Okebadan, are you Ok?

Okebadan: Direct your question to Arsenal supporters who are suffering from post Aston Villa’s defeat.

Kosalabaro: Don’t you think this is not the type of change we voted for. I think Gov Sanwoolu needs to do something about the manage of Okada riders in Lekki Phase 1. Or can we disengage Fashola from Federal Appointment and bring him back to Lagos.

Okebadan: Ambo ooo, Ambo, Eko sees bere ni Ambo ooo. Be patient. Fara bale.

Kosalabaro: Anyway, Dino Malaye must return to a psychiatric hospital today to take his lagatan injection. Buhari must start wearing made in Nigeria cloth before I restart patronising made in Nigeria goods. Gov Sanwoolu needs to ban Okada asap or he should forget about my vote in 2023.

Okebadan: What exactly is the difference between the looters in government and the looters on the street? Which of them is more destructive?

Kosalabaro: The ones in government make the monsters you see on the streets.

Wole Arisekola.

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