Eight Day Prayers for LKJ

Kindly stop asking me if Alhaji Lateef kayode Jakande do not deserve a public holiday for his contributions to the development of and in Lagos.

It is irrelevant and am not in a position to answer that question anyway. Maybe it should be directed to the right quarters.

The most important thing however is LKJ lived a fulfiled life and the massive crowd and prayers are more worthy and glorifying than a compulsory holiday.

The name jakande remains indelible in the hearts and minds of not only Lagosians but all men and women of good will.

Celebrating his legacies is good but what this country needs is for contemporary leaders to emulate his leadership style.

Adopting his selflessness, simplicity, love for the poor, humility and visionary abilities will help leaders impact society more positively.This is the only way to move forward.

LKJ has done his bit and passed the buck to us. LKJ has shown that building a great state and country is not only possible but achievable.

Let us honour the memory of this great Nigerian by pledging to do our bit to take this country where it should be, where it can be and where it deserves to be .

As we mark the eight day of his demise today, i appeal to us all to find a little time to say a prayer or two for our father, grandfather, colleague, brother and Lagos most cherished son-Lateef Kayode jakande.


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