Constellation Of Thoughts by Lai Labode

Below are useful Constellation Of Thoughts by Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Cash token Africa, Lai Labode compiled by the Kosofepost.

“A friendly foe is an angel of death.”

“Poverty is the gasoline of evil , hopelessness is the fire.”

“Glittering trophies of success abound in the dungeons of tool, learning, unlearning and perseverance.”

“Demystification of use of marijuana by the establishment of quality standards and regulation may be a very good social re-engineering , public health management and revenue generation strategy for government .”

“Many more Nigerians are ‘related’ by poverty than by birth , ethnicity or gender. The world’s most dangerous family lives in Nigeria.”

“A little chip on your shoulder? YES ! Half the world is only grandstanding too.” 

“There is a certain money shrine at escapada doo where cash may be fetched freely in all seasons. You may fetch only in self-made iron boxes carved out in toil, sweat and perseverance.”

“No man ever made self , no self ever made any man , nothing is ever made by self alone.”

“The wealthiest of us are those whose wealth comes with a great measure of peaceful enjoyment, humility and genuine compassion.”

“Blame all your shortcomings on real or imagined enemies. Be sure your revenge is ferocious hard work, persistence and unmistakable success, and then, most importantly, forgive quickly and be grateful for the invaluable help of your lord God and the motivations of your enemies.”

“Fortify your space ; this cruel world needs no reason to throw stones at your glasshouse.”

“Be thankful for known enemies , watchful of ambitious allies and afraid of insecure friends.”

“Character is the color of the soul.”

“Life teaches mathematics in foreign tongues.”

“Poverty is the gasoline of evil , hopelessness is the fire.”

“New year resolutions are for fools . The path to enduring success or greatness is forever paved in ‘necessary changes’ made at any time or season.”

“Never buy ‘success’ at a ‘discount’ , it is probably made in China.”

“Trade an arm if you must in your fight to survive ; for if you see another day , a new golden arm may yet sprout.”

“Beware ! Truth may not be enough for the instinctively suspicious friend or ally ; he is an enemy in-waiting.”

“Kiss so thy tongue never sour , bite so thy teeth never rotten.”

“Jealousy is the emotional state of getting whipped for someone else’s happiness.”

“Let thy mind do the grind so thy hope is never trapped in failure’s bind.”

“Donald Trump fed America with ‘The Devil’s Porridge ; America must purge or die.”

“Eleven failures make one Success , One Success inspires a million. Fail quickly.”

“Be not so braggadocious ; especially when you have a firm grip of the end game.”

“In the household of success , work is a bastard until it wears the golden garment of result.”

“Let thy audacity to win be unmistakable in your actions and dispositions ; success is first attracted to familiar territories.”

“Too many great achievements were once called illusions or false hope ; keep moving.”

“Punish the betrayer only after you have milked every ounce of his usefulness; your success is more important than a quick revenge.”

“Be sensitive to your friends ; your progress may sometimes torment them as much as it does your enemies.”

“Jealousy is a form of flattery everyone secretly enjoys”

“There are really no middle grounds in great relationships; either they are never tested or sobering sacrifices are made at the inevitable bumps of mistakes, misdeeds or betrayals.”

“A penny made in sweat is far greater than a gifted pound ; for while a penny endures and is at no ones mercy , a gifted pound is a stranger , it soon fritters.”

“Be wary of straight paths in the middle of nowhere ; it is also called false hope boulevard.”

“Gossiping friends are better than no friends ; evoke more gossip and count your blessings.”

“Spare not thyself the hard and painful truths; that your destiny may be spared from shame and mendaciousness.”

“An evil cat forever lurks in the cages of the human mind. Feed it ; it festers, starve it ; it rages, tame it ; it cowers but it lives.”

“Willful ignorance is deadlier than the inland taipan ; never ignore the potency of its poison.”

“After all is said and done , irrespective of birth circumstances ; everyone would have had a decent number of life-chances to fulfill a destiny worthy of their best life-efforts.”

“Keep your ego in check against the tyranny or arrogance of those who may propel your success ; bid time, pay the price, enduring success is not for the faint hearted.”

“Be quick to ‘sleep with the enemy’ when necessary; your golden apple may lie in his loins.”

“Never assume everyone understands your great idea even when they say so ; mindshare is really expensive and perspectives lives in genuine biases , it is your duty to never tire to re-tell , re-assess and re-adjust your approach until your idea turns up fat in bank accounts.”

“Be keen on hope and dreams , be keener on knowledge and learning  , be keenest on doings and results.”

“My heart whispered softly to my mind this morning , It said ; Lai , you may bear or nurture a grudge ONLY if it is bankable , aphrodisiacal and grows beautiful flowers in the secret gardens of your heart.”

“Dirty your hands vigorously with work in your youth ; so your older years may be clear of dirts , flies and too much philosophizing.”

“Suspicions are poison to reason and objectively; replace your suspicions with curiosity, curiosity grinds for knowledge before its arrow may depart its bow.”

“Last night , I consulted the oracle at the shrine of escabadoodoo ; you must dare greatly in the day and even greater at night this season , the oracle says . Head or tail , you win or learn the true path to an awaiting bright and shining destiny.”

“Beware ; the greatest conqueror is easier conquered by the ‘poison’ of his many conquests.”

“The compromise of truth is too high a price to pay for peace ; enduring peace is not a trophy for premeditated deceit.”

“Sow not thy golden seeds in plain sight ; the witches of ‘still-births’ are forever craving shinny sacrifices.”

“There is no greater robbery than that which pinches your character unjustly ; your best revenge is to let your consistent life-actions leave naysayers with a sore conscience and a possible path to redemption or judgement.”

“Kiss neighbors you don’t like , celebrate their anniversaries and their children’s joyous days ; at the very least , consider your hypocrisy a necessary security measure or a profound opportunity for new warm or cold discoveries.”

“Be mindful ; many more female egos are easier bruised by unflattering comments on their appearances than whisperings of poor character.”

“The wage may be in the dirt ; the dirt is never in the wage.”

“The heart becomes ‘diabetic’ if it leaps only on the sugar high of gossip and mischief.”

“Take the fair deal over the ‘too clever’ one ; ‘too clever’ is ever cold and never enough to quench a greed , the fair begets another , endures and warms the heart in all seasons.”

“The warrior is great if he prepares for war only in seasons of peace , the warrior is greatest if he prepares for peace in all seasons.”

“There is but little power in rage, the faculty sure lies in restraint; restraint tames the hell of the present and wins the trophies of the future.”

“Men ! Write your own love scripts , as long as it tickles someone’s heart , purse and softest privacies.”

“Love is the reason EVE gave and ADAM ate the forbidden Apple ; love is also the reason Christ Died to save them both.”

“Success is 80% Organization ; hard work or creativity without rhythm is destined for little or no orgasm.”

“A pretentious friend is a devil’s dagger.”

“There is nothing so great about you ; if friends are too afraid to tell you about the maggot that is building a house on your ‘great’ nose.”

“Be unnecessarily happy at night ; the reason will reveal its beautiful self to you at the break of dawn.”

“Charity is a ‘selfish’ act of giving ; giving in exchange for the choicest real estate in the hereafter.”

“A victim of flattery wears both the garment of self-deceit and the robe of the flatterer’s bondage.”

“The moment of suicide is a moment of profound courage that is forever lost in a moment of faithlessness.”

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