Olori Billyqueen conferred as Iya Oba of Oniba in Lagos

The wife of the Oba Elect Oba Abeeb Faronbi, was conferred as Iya Oba of
Oniba at Oba Palace on sunday, February 28, 2021.

Olori Billyqueen Faronbi hail from the Ashade Royal ruling House of Iba.

The crown princess was conferred by Oniba of Iba, HRM Alhaji Oba (Dr)
Sulaiman Raji Ashade in series of traditional rites line up to mark the
king 3 years coronation anniversary.

Iya Oba is an equivalent of male title known as Baba Oba, meaning mother of the king, is a title conferred on biological mother and relatives of the

Oba Abeeb Adesina Faronbi, Kings, traditional leaders and creme la creme
of the society graced the colourful occasion.

LEFT: Oba Elect Abeeb Adesina Faronbi, Olori Billyqueen Ayomikun Faronbi conferred Iya Oba of Oniba, Oniba Of Iba; HRM Alhaji Oba (Dr) Sulaiman Raji Ashade, Guests during the installation of Iya Oba and 3 years coronation anniversary on February 28, 2021.

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