He was born in the village of Qarni in Yemen. His father died when he was still very young. Uwais (ra) never met the Prophet because he was busy attending to his sick mother, but the Prophet (saw) was his spiritual guardian. Though they never met. The Prophet guided him at all times.

The Prophet often used to look towards Yemen, and said: I am getting the beautiful fragrance of Allah’s blessing in the breeze. It is for Uwais Al Qurni. After the battle of Uhud, when Uwais, came to know that the Prophet(saw) had lost a few teeth during the encounter, he broke several of his teeth one by one.

Uwais once took permission from his mother to visit the Prophet and his mother said: You have my permission to go, see him once, and straight back. If our beloved Prophet is at home, you may meet him, if not come straight back home. Uwais completed a journey of three months on foot ( 1630km) from Yemen to Medina. Lagos to Kano is (998km).

When he reached the Prophet’s house, he knocked on the door and Aisha(ra) opened the door. She told him the Prophet was in the mosque. Uwais, remembered his promise to his mother and replied, please convey my Salaam to my beloved Prophet, kindly inform him that Uwais came from Yemen, did not find him at home and he’s now returning to Yemen, since he did not have permission from his mother to meet him in the mosque.

When the Prophet returned home from the mosque, he found the radiance of Uwais in his house. Aisha, told him what had happened, and conveyed Uwais salutations. The Prophet looked Yemen and said ” The fragrance of our friend is reaching us.

Uwais was a very pious and noble person. He had embraced Islam while the Prophet was still alive. As a reward of his service to his mother, he was given the title of a Sahabi (companion) by the Prophet (saw) even though he could not see him personally.

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Senior Special Assistant on Religious Matters to Kosofe Local Government Chairman

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