Baba Ijesha and other stories

I will never support rape, sexual harassment , oppression and child molestation but I can never condemn sex between 2 consenting adults. Let me state my mind before any long story.

Let’s critically examine the following questions.

  1. When Baba Ijesha allegedly raped a 7 year old girl 7 years ago according to Princess. Any police report? Who covered up the crime? But why?
    From some sources, Baba Ijesha started sexual relationship with the girl when she was 17 years not 7 years. I am sure court of law will investigate this claim.
  2. Baba Ijesha has no biological child according to some sources and this “raped” girl is 24 not 14. This is 21st century, not so difficult to determine anybody’s real age with medical technology. Please forget sentiments and emotions.
  3. Baba Ijesha was once a lover/boyfriend to Princess. It’s an open secret among Nollywood (Yoruba) community.Just the same way Sir Shina Peter once dated late Funmi Martins. Princess is free to deny this open secret.
  4. This 24 year old (not 14!) was pregnant for Baba Ijesha, she confessed to Princess(her adopted mother) and that was the genesis of hatred and bitterness to nail Baba Ijesha.
    The pregnancy was later aborted after beating the girl. Where are this girl’s biological parents? The rest is now history.
  5. It’s natural for Princess to be angry with a morally bankrupt Baba Ijesha. “You dey chop me and adopted daughter at the same time together? You dey craze? I need to destroy your career and life to teach you a lifetime lesson.” (Personal opinion!).
  6. What made Princess’ marriage to collapse under 2 months? Spiritual problem? Arrogant attitude? Infidelity?
  7. Iyabo Ojo was raped more than 5 times according to some sources. She can either deny or accept. It’s her choice.
    This is an open challenge. Any police report to arrest and prosecute her rapists? No wonder Iyabo Ojo cried more than the bereaved in this matter.
  8. Let’s wait until the matter enters the court of law. Many dark secrets shall be exposed, and to open many eyes and brains.
    All these Nigerian Celebrities are not moral standards but shameless Yeyebrities.

All single mothers, married women, divorced or widowed, trust nobody with your under-18 daughters. Aye mojuba ooo.

By Dare lasisi

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  1. This so called yeyebrities that called them self celebrity are so full of fake life and mislead people’s,
    How can dey go to that length to destroyed person careers that have been build for so many years all because of nonsense Anger ..
    I know God we never forgive princess and Iyabo-ojo for their actions on this issues and that joined them on destroyed BABA ijesha careers amen..

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