Sanwoolu: Allow Local Govt. Bosses to complete their tenure, Conduct LG Poll without dissolving council

Following an article posted titled “Fear Grips Local Governments Chairmen as Dissolution is Imminent in Lagos ” has since elicited different reactions from concerned residents of Kosofe, area of Lagos State as monitored last week by Kosofe Post over the alleged plan by the executive governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwoolu to dissolve Local Governments and Local Council Development Areas across the state to pave way for the appointment of interim manager, Executive Secretaries, and Sole Administrators and pending the time when the Local poll will be conducted.

The Governor is yet to refute the claims trending in sevaral quarters to allay the council Chairmen fear as gathered.

See reactions of Lagosians on the alleged plan by Mr. Sanwoolu to dissolve Local Government chairmen and appoint E.S, S.A or IM etc.

Segun Aromokunola

The right thing to do is for the chairmen to vacate office at end of their terms. It will be unconstitutional for the chairmen to stay in office a day after the expiration of their terms. It will be in order for the govenor to appoint bridge chairmen by the name executive secretary, sole administrator or interim manager who will run the affairs of the LGA and LCDA pending conduct of election into the offices. In alternative the council managers can run the LGA and LCDA for the time being. It will be illegal for the current occupiers of the office to remain in office as this could form basis for legal action against the govenor for constitutional breaches.

AbdulWaheed Omotayo Odunuga Segun Aromokunola , is it not also illegal for the state Governor not to conduct local government elections as and at when do? I don’t just understand why our political leaders run their constituencies as if it is their father’s estate.

Segun Aromokunola AbdulWaheed Omotayo Odunuga I honestly do not want to go into your area of concern. In all sincerity the local government election ought to be conducted as at when due but all Nigerian govenors are guilty of this crime of treating the local government election with levity. I am one of those that believe that the election be conducted by INEC because all the seat are always won by the ruling party of each state.

AbdulWaheed Omotayo Odunuga Segun Aromokunola , I agree with u, but their tenure has not expire

Oyebanjo Ganiyu We don’t seem to get this thing right. There is no provision in the Nigerian Constitution that allows for Executive Secretaries, Sole Administrators, Interim Managers to run the affairs of the Local Government Councils. The Council, is run by the elected Chairman and elected Councillors. The fact that we are doing it, does not make it legal. Its an aberration. When illegality is not challenged, it becomes legal and as such, we all don’t seem to see anything wrong with it again.

AbdulWaheed Omotayo Odunuga

Tenure of local government chairmen , vice chairmen and councilors is a constitutional issue, Sanwoolu should be reminded that the tenure of chairmen is 4 years and not 3 years.

Jubreal Odesanya

I don’t see sanwo olu dissolving them this year, because they all stood against Ambode and supported sanwo olu immediately they received signal from boudilon.they deserve compensation for their loyalty.

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